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Department of Parole Questions

What is the department of parole? The department of parole consists of a panel of people who are involved in deciding whether an individual should be granted parole or not. Besides this, the department can also overlook the various rules and regulations about parole and probation. It is important for people who are on parole to know what the department of parole is and what it does. Given below are important questions about the department of parole asked by people.

For how long should an individual be arrested and convicted before they can be eligible for parole in South Carolina?

According to the Department of Parole, an individual can serve at least 1/3 of their sentence in order to be eligible for parole if they have committed a crime after 1996.

Can an individual find a parolee by contacting the department of parole?

An individual can in fact get information about a parolee if they were to contact the Department of Parole and then get the contact information of the parole officer. However, the department of parole may not be under any obligation to provide the individual with the information.

What can an individual do if he/she wants to get their felony record expunged in the state of New York?

In some cases it may not be possible for an individual to get their felony record expunged in the state of New York. If the individual was convicted of a felony, the charge may remain on their permanent record. However, this individual can also request for a Certificate of Relief from Civil Disability from the Department of Parole. Though this certificate will not always expunge the individual’s record, it can although help this individual in finding employment and housing and will give the individual the right to vote and be a part of a jury.

Can an individual request for an early release from prison due to medical issues?

Whether an individual gets an early release from prison due to medical reasons may depend on the department of parole. The individual may submit an application for clemency and request for his/her sentence to be reduced. He/she may also hire a lawyer to request the board for an early release on his/her behalf.

Does the department of parole has to approve home plans for individuals who are on parole?

In some situations all home plans are required to be approved by the Department of Parole for both probation and parole.

Can an individual get a certificate of disability from the department of parole if he/she has more than one felony conviction?

An individual may not be able to get the certificate for relief from disabilities from the department of parole if he/she has more than one felony conviction. The individual may however apply for the certificate of good conduct. The department of parole may review the applicants and decide if he/she may be given the certificate or not.

The department of parole governs a variety of aspects regarding parole and probation. It may not be easy for to you get all the information about the department of parole on your own. You can ask an Expert if you have any questions about the Department of Parole.
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