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What is a dentist?

A dentist or dental surgeon is a type of health care practitioner that generally specializes in diagnosing, preventing, and treating diseases and conditions of the mouth or oral cavity. If the dentist has a team, then they would aid in providing oral health services. A dental team may include a dental assistant, dental hygienist, dental technicians, and in some states in the US, a dental therapists. Read below to find more questions answered by Experts about a Dentist.

If a person who is 82 years old visits their dentist and the dentist tells them they have an advance case of gum disease, is this condition life threatening?

In most cases, an advance case of gum disease is not life threatening. In most cases, the disease can be treated with antibiotics or even cleaning solutions. When the person keeps up with the treatments, then they should have no issues. If the person chooses to not keep up with the treatments, then the problem could be chronic, but still not be life threatening. The person may also want to make sure that they follow up with their dentist every three months.

If a person went to their dentist and had a lump removed but during the procedure the dentist hit an blood vessel and cauterized the vessel and the person had bruising on their chin from it, could this have been life threatening or could it be damaging to the blood vessel?

When a dentist is dealing with the lip, then the vessels there are not major arteries and when a dentist is dealing with these, it is generally not very easy for them to detect the little vessels. When dentists do these types of surgeries, it is common for them to accidently hit the vessel and has to cauterize the vessel. Every person’s lip is full of small blood vessels. The person should not have to worry about the bruising, as it will clear up with a little time.

If a person is working with a dentist on a 6-tooth bridge and after the first visit has issues with sores and terrible pain, goes back for a second visit and suffers the same thing again, what could be causing this?

In most cases when a person is dealing with swelling and sores in the mouth that happen every time they have the things done for their bridge, then they may be looking at some kind of infection. In these types of dental procedures, a fungal infection or bacterial infection is common. The person may want to seek the advice of their normal doctor and get an antibiotic or antifungal that will generally clear it up as well as postponing all dental procedures until the person has had the infection treated full and it is gone.

If an individual has had many dental issues with failed dental implants and missing teeth, what can this individual do about the pain if their dentist is out of the office?

If the person cannot get into their dentist, then they can try to take some over the counter pain reliever and gargle warm water with a little bit of salt to help relieve the discomfort till they can get into see the dentist. When a dentist is dealing with soreness in the jaw of a patient, it can be signs of inflammation or an infection. This infection could be in the early stages and not able to be seen on an x-ray. The person would need to avoid warm compresses and they would need to get in to see the dentist as soon as they can to get an antibiotic to get rid of the infection.

If a person has issues with their teeth, then they would need to seek the services of a dentist. When a person feels the need to see a dentist or they have already seen a dentist but still have questions about the procedure that they need done or that they have already had done, then they would need to seek the answers from an Expert.
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