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Dentin Questions

Dentin is a calcified tissue in the mouth, and is one of the four parts of the tooth. Dentin covered by enamel on the crown of the tooth and cementum around the root of the tooth, it also surrounds pulp in the tooth, and is colored yellow which affects the color of the teeth because enamel is translucent. Dentin also fewer minerals and is not as brittle as enamel, yet it is necessary in a tooth because it helps to support the enamel, and strengthening the teeth. Below some of the most commonly asked questions about Dentin are answered by Experts.

How could a person stop the pain caused by exposed dentin?

In most cases the dentin should be sealed by applying a liquid resin onto the teeth, and if necessary, place a filling material over the dentin making a barrier of types that can keep food and other physical objects, along with hot or cold objects, away from the dentin, easing pain and sensitivity in the teeth.

Do bleaching agents have any effects of exposed dentin, and will veneers cover up exposed dentin?

In most cases the main side effect of whitening systems is the sensitivity that they create in both the teeth and the gums. Along with the fact that the whitening provided by these products is temporary, and the treatment must be re-applied often, makes some patients weary of these treatments. Veneers are made to cover exposed cementum and dentin. However, the strength of the bond used to attach the veneers is weaker on dentin and cementum than on enamel. Also, stains from foods and beverages can infiltrate between the veneer and the tooth, becoming visible through the porcelain veneers, making it necessary to re-make them if they become stained or chipped.

What are the chances for repairing a tooth that has had a cavity for over four years?

Typically the prognosis for the tooth would depend on how far inside the tooth the decay has progressed by getting an x-ray. If the pulp of the tooth has not been affected, then the prognosis for restoration is at a higher level of success. However, once the dentin of the tooth has been exposed the progression of decay will quicken. The best course of action would be to have a complete dental exam and x-rays taken. This should answer many questions and set up a plan in order to prevent more decay in the teeth and answer any other questions that might arise.

What would a little brown peeking out from a gap between the top of a person’s veneer and the gums be? And will it be necessary to replace the veneer?

Most generally this could be caused by either the gums receding slightly, causing a gap to appear on the gum line exposing the brown root, or part of the veneer could have chipped off, exposing the dentin. While possible to repair, the stain will most likely appear at the junction where the repair is made. Therefore, new veneers or a crown would be the best way to resolve this problem.

What can be done for a person who slept with the Crest 3D White strips, and is now suffering tooth pain?

In some cases this can last for several days, therefore, the individual should stop all bleaching products and avoid any foods that are too hot or too cold. Also, Sensodyne toothpaste might help in a week or two, and the use of a Fluoride rinse two times a day can reduce the size of the dentin tubes and help with sensitivity in the teeth.

Dentin consists of dentinal tubules, which are small tubes that are spread throughout the interior of Dentin. These tubules contain fluids and are cellular in structure, which gives them hardness and can increase the sensation of pain along with the speed of tooth decay. Unlike enamel, Dentin forms all through an individual’s life and can sometimes be stimulated in by tooth decay or trauma. When speaking of Dentin questions sometimes arise, contact the thousands of Experts to receive fast and affordable answers.
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