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Dental Implant Problems

What is a dental implant?

What is a dental implant, a dental implant is a type of root device that is made of titanium and used to support restorations that resemble a tooth or a group of teeth to replace any missing teeth. Most dental implants are implanted into the bone of the person and made to look like an actual tooth root. Dental implants are generally used to support crowns, bridges, or dentures.

If a person recently had their dental implant uncovered is there a way to fix the exposed metal until the person gets their permanent crown?

In most cases, when a cap is healing, then there should be no pressure applied to the cap. If the flipper or the implant is causing discomfort, then the surgeon can apply a small amount of acrylic to the areas that are causing the discomfort till the permanent crown can be placed in the dental implant.

If a person has a dental implant that continues to be a problem, can they have the implant removed and replaced with an abutment or partial dentures?

When it comes to dental implant, there are several dentists that have left the implant in and then placed a bridge or partial denture over the implant. The dentist may choose to leave the implant in and just remove the abutment letting the skin grow over the implant. In most cases, the implant would not have to be removed, and the person can let the dentist know that they would like other options to be looked at.

If a person has a front tooth dental implant that fell out, can a person use a adhesive to fix the tooth till the dentist can fix it?

If the person can find the right material, then they can fix the tooth temporary. Most dentist do not recommend that a person use adhesives to fix a dental implant due to the fact that adhesives may contain toxins that can ruin the implant or cause other issues in the mouth. The person would need to go and see the dentist and ask what they can do to hold them off till they could get the issue resolved.

Can dental implant be put in only one or two missing teeth or can the dentist do the whole top set of teeth?

If the person wants to have dental implants, then they may need to ask their dentist about Duraflex particle dentures. The person generally would not be able to get a full set of implanted teeth, but they could get a couple of teeth that act like an anchor for a bridge that will make the implant permanent making them look more natural. Implants would be more pleasing to the eye, where dentures may be more of a headache then the person wants.

Dental implants help a person to have a set of teeth when they have missing teeth. When a person is considering getting implants, then they may have questions regarding if the implants would work for them, what the implant entails, how the implants work, or the care of implants. When these questions arise, you can get the solutions you need from the verified Experts on JustAnswer.
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