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Dental Erosion Related Questions

Do you want to know what is causing your tooth enamel to wear away? Is it possible to replenish, replace, or repair dental erosion? Dental erosion is a common occurrence. Keeping your teeth healthy is not only for cosmetic purposes, it is also essential to your health. Read below where verified Experts have answered regarding dental erosion.

What is dental erosion?

Dental erosion is an irreversible form of wear on teeth. It is not bacterial in origin rather it is due to chemical dissolution by acids. Dental erosion in children is the most common chronic disease in those ranging in age of 5-17. Erosion is most commonly seen affecting the enamel but if left unchecked it can affect the dentin that lies underneath.

What causes dental erosion?

Acidic foods and drink are the most common cause of dental erosion. Foods and drinks that are frequently consumed with a pH level below 5.0-5.7 can initiate this problem. Drinks that are included in this level are orange juice, carbonated drinks, wine, and more. The exact cause of erosion is not entirely known but decalcification by the acid beverages and citrus fruits along with acid salivary secretion and friction are suggested causes. Certain medications that come in contact directly with the teeth may also play a part in erosion. Other causes include chlorine and chemicals in pools, eating disorders, alcoholism, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and low salivary flow. It has also been reported that excessive brushing of the teeth may also cause erosion.

Is dental erosion associated with heartburn?

The refluxed stomach acid that can be found with GERD may cause the tooth enamel to become softened and erode.

What would cause a bulimic person to have dental erosion?

The most common side effect of consistent vomiting and Bulimia’s oral manifestation is dental erosion of the outer surfaces of the teeth. The most common occurrences of erosion are the backs of the upper and lower front teeth. It is not uncommon for the dentin to also be affected.

Would eating citrus fruit daily cause dental erosion?

Frequently consuming citrus fruits can cause dental erosion. This would not only include the actual fruits but also fruit juices. Fruit that is non-citrus is not as much of a risk when compared. If citrus fruit is taken it moderation it may not be as detrimental but it is not known exactly as to what amount begins the process.

How can areas of dental erosion be replaced or strengthened?

Dental erosion is an irreversible process. An individual will never have the same enamel structure as they did when the tooth newly erupted once erosion has begun. There are some toothpastes that claim to restore enamel but that is deceiving. A dental exam can help in determining what treatment options may be available. Restoration treatments may include veneers, colored filling bonded to teeth, crowns, etc.

Dental erosion can be alarming for many individuals. Not knowing how you can prevent erosion or how to properly treat it may leave you with unanswered questions. Experts can help answer questions about dental erosion complications or provide a list of foods to avoid further erosion. Contact Experts for all your dental questions.

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