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Dental Disease Related Questions

How can dental disease be prevented? Could dental disease be the reason an individual keeps losing teeth in spite of brushing all the time? Many dental diseases are caused by poor dental hygiene. Many people have questions regarding dental diseases and symptoms. Locating an affordable dentist is not always easy. Verified Experts can assist you and answer all your questions. Read below where Experts have provided customized answers to patients questions.

Could an individual’s toothache that gets better and worse for almost a year be dental disease?

Case details: Dentist found nothing wrong with tooth.

Normally, a dentist’s failure to find a cause for a toothache provides evidence that the source of the pain is not dental. Toothache-like pain may be a result of a non-dental disease. Another dentist should be contacted for a second opinion before searching the non-dental possibilities.

Could chronic pain in the upper part of a person’s mouth and cheek bone, along with having a bad taste in the mouth of some kind of decay or mucus, be dental disease or a form of sinusitis?

A dentist would need to be consulted to rule out dental disease. When it comes to pain in the upper molar region, the most common culprit other than dental disease is a sinus problem. Although sinus problems are often thought of as being related to colds and other upper respiratory infections, a person does not need to have a cold in order to have a sinus infection, a sinus polyp, or a sinus concretion, so not having a recent cold would be insufficient in ruling out sinus disease.

Could pain in the root of all lower front teeth, or on the lower front and back surfaces of lower front teeth due to no particular activity be dental disease?

In most cases of dental disease, the symptoms can be evoked by the application of a stimulus to the teeth; either heat, cold, pressure, percussion, etc. The fact that the pain occurs in a manner that does not correlate with oral activity suggests that the symptoms may not be originating in the teeth. This leaves open that the pain is from another anatomic region. However, pain that is perceived as being located in the teeth merits a thorough assessment of the teeth. A consultation with an oral surgeon, whose particular skills would be more attuned to this type of diagnosis, is recommended.

Could dental disease be the reason an individual keeps losing teeth in spite of brushing all the time?

In order to provide meaningful guidance, a full diagnostic assessment needs to be done. This initial evaluation will not only determine what needs to be accomplished therapeutically to repair the existing damage, but will also clarify strengths and weaknesses, so that a plan of preventive care can be prescribed. It is possible the individual may need to brush more, but it could possibly be dental disease, whether tooth decay or periodontal disease.

How can dental disease be prevented?

Cleaning and flossing teeth regularly can assist in preventing dental disease.

Can dental disease be the cause of a 13-year-old child’s chronic bad breath?

Yes, a substantial number of cases of bad breath are due to oral or dental disease, such as tooth decay, odontogenic infection, inflammatory periodontal (gum) disease, mucous membrane disorders, and others. Bad breath can also be caused by a surprising variety of non-dental issues; such as, upper respiratory infections, chronic sinusitis, gastro esophageal reflux disease, peptic ulcers, occult digestive tract bleeding, inflammatory bowel disease, metabolic disease, dry mouth due to medications or primary salivary gland disease, recreational drug use, and consumption of certain foods and certain dietary practices. These should all be considered in the differential diagnosis. If a dentist can find no oral basis for the bad breath, a medical doctor should be consulted.

Can Prednisone predispose a child to get dental disease?

No, however in older people, taking Prednisone for a long period of time can indirectly lead to dental disease. In children, taking Prednisone for long periods of time can predispose them to these same problems, but it is all indirect, and not directly related to dental disease.

Many adults and children have dental problems each year. Various questions arise regarding dental issues and diseases. When you are unable to consult with a dentist, the next best option is an Expert. If you have more questions, verified Experts are available to assist you online from the comfort of your home.

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