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Baby Walking Problems?

What is delayed walking in babies and when should you see a doctor about it?

A baby’s development is marked by certain milestones. These milestones are measured with age relative to development. Delayed walking in babies occurs when a baby is not walking by the general walking age milestone. Many babies will begin to take steps between the ages of 8-12 months. Then flow into cruise walking which is walking along side of objects like furniture while holding on. Each baby can be different in which age they begin to walk but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are having issues with the delay in walking.

Delayed walking in babies can become alarming and there are some signs to watch for that will help indicate when a doctor should be seen. If by 18 months old your baby is not walking, only walking on the toes, or there are worries about the feet and legs a doctor should be seen for an examination. Additionally if the movement of the left side is not symmetrical with the movement on the right side a visit to the doctor may be warranted. Uncertainties of what delayed walking in babies may be often lead to questions like the ones answered below by Experts.

My 19 month old child who was born breach and by C-section, walks on the knees and is afraid to walk on the feet. Does being born breach cause a baby to have delayed walking problems?

Generally children will begin to take their first steps between 8-12 months of age and will walk around the age of 15 months. If 15 months old is the average age then that means fifty percent of children will walk before the age of 15 months and fifty percent will walk after the age of 15 months. There have been cases of children born breach and by C-section to be born with hip dysplasia. It is a slight dislocation of the hip joint. This can cause delayed walking in babies. If hip dysplasia is evident via x-rays or MRI then it can be treated by therapy or in extreme cases surgery.

Should a parent be worried if their 18 month old baby will not walk yet, but will only walk when holding onto furniture but won’t let go?

There can be a delayed in walking but you also need to factor in the other milestones that your child has reached. If there was a delay in the time of crawling, sitting up, standing, etc. then it is natural for the delay in walking to also be present. Other reasons for delay in walking can be caused due to weight. If a child is overweight, had problems at birth, or issues with the legs or feet a delay in walking may occur. Muscle tone can also be a contributing factor to delayed walking in babies.

Could a child have rickets if the child is 14 months old and is not crawling or walking yet and has low muscle tone and development delays in motor skills along with the soft spot not filled in?

Low muscle tone and development delays can cause delayed walking in babies. These are typically found when a child is examined and tracked with skills that they are learning and how they are progressing with these milestones. Rickets can be found on an x-ray and via a blood test. If the doctor did these tests and did not mention rickets then it may not be the cause.

Having good information and insight of delayed walking problems can help when faced with concerns about delayed walking in babies. Experts can help answer questions about what delayed walking in babies is or if being born breach can cause baby walking problems. Get the answers to your concerns by asking an Expert today.

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