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Deep Fryer Repair

In the literal sense, a deep fryer is a kitchen appliance meant for deep frying food items. It is mostly used in commercial kitchens however household deep fryers have become quite common. These fryers are equipped with a basket where the food is placed for frying and then dipped into hot oil. The basket can then be lifted once cooking is complete. Some models also come equipped with features such as timers, audible alarms to prevent overcooking and automatic devices to raise and lower the basket into the oil. The common types of fryers are electric and gas.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on deep fryer repairs.

What can an individual do to find a model on a deep fryer that needs the thermostat repaired?

In most models, the high limit thermostats for deep fryers are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 435 degrees Fahrenheit. To fit another thermostat you will need to check whether the mounting configuration and the sealing plug size where it fits the tank are similar. If this is the case, any brand which fits should work on your unit. It would be quite difficult to find the part on the internet without the model number. You could try taking the thermostat to a restaurant service company and have them match it.

The magnetic electric plug is not connecting tight enough to leave the fryer on. Is there a way to tighten it or does the plug need repaired?

First check the plug itself and the magnets in there. They could have come loose. However there is no fixed way to tighten a magnetic plug. You can try connecting the wires directly into the unit which will help you avoid this issue of a loose magnetic plug. The main drawback in doing this would be that you cannot let the plug wires remain in the fryer or dangle around when you want the fryer to be disconnected.

My Wells 67 double deep fryer will not work on one side unless I turn the knob beyond 375 degrees. If I turn the knob to my desired temperature, the unit goes off. What could be the problem?

This is an indication of the thermostat being faulty and needing replacement. Using the model number of the deep fryer, you can obtain the part. The model number is usually at the front panel and sometimes can be quite illegible. You may require a flashlight to read it. Based on your brand of deep fryer, the part could cost over $100.

What can I do if my PITCO commercial deep fryer has an open flame at the middle of the gas sprout gap?

Extinguishing the fire should be your first priority but you cannot do so using water. You may need a fire extinguisher. In case you do not have one easily available you can use flour and cover it tightly. If all this is not possible you can contact the fire department or call 911. If the deep fryer does not work after that, the deep fryer may need to be repaired.

If the pilot light on a deep fryer lights up but no gas is coming from the burners and the thermostat has been replaced, what can the individual do to fix this?

One possibility could be a collection of grease at the probe thereby insulating it from getting to the accurate temperature. The temperature is not being sensed quickly enough or something could be preventing the probe from heating up. This is the part where the thermostat probe slides into the sleeve on the opposite side where the oil is. The possibility of the gas valve sticking is unlikely since it will not allow the unit to heat at all and in your case the unit is firing once the temperature drops below 250 degrees.

Deep fryers are a helpful device to fry items in a quick convenient manner. They prevent a mess which can occur on a cook top if one tries to fry in a vessel over an open flame. They also allow for quick ready to eat/ serve option. You need to be careful while handling such units due to the contents of hot oil and electric nature of the machine. Therefore deep fryer repair should be handled with the help and guidance from Experts to help avoid undesirable incidents and effects on your appliance
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