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Debit Card Questions

What is a debit card?

A debit card, bank card or check card is a type of plastic card that makes it to where a checking account holder has the ability to electronically access to their bank accounts at most financial institutions. A debit card is generally used as an alternative payment to cash when a person is making a purchase. In many countries, the use of debit cards is so popular that they have nearly taken over any and all check writing. Read below where Experts have answered many individuals’ questions pertaining to debit cards.

If a person's debit card reads invalid but they have money in the bank, what would this mean?

One reason the card may be reading invalid is that the magnetic strip on the back of the debit card may have became demagnetized which means that the account number and information has been erased from the card. Another reason for this may be that the bank or financial institution may have placed a block on the card. The person would need to get a hold of the bank and find out if there was a block. The person may also contact customer service that is listed on the back of the card and ask them if there is a reason why there would be a block, if there is no block on the card, then the person would need to request another card just in case it is the magnetic strip.

Can a person's doctor's office charge their debit card without the customer saying that it was alright to do if they paid with the debit card once before?

If the person placed their debit card on file for future use, then it would generally not be illegal for the Doctor's office to use the debit card as a form of payment. The person can ask the doctor’s office to reverse the charges and them pay with another form of payment or place a dispute on the charges in writing through the debit card company.

What would be the best prepaid debit card for a teenager?

When it comes to prepaid debit cards, there are many companies to choose from. Amount the prepaid debit card companies, master card and visa are amount the most popular. The VisaBuxx prepaid debit card generally offers good rates for the use of it, so that may be an option for the parent to think about.

If a person uses their debit card for an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) on three different occasions and then the card expired, but the business ran the card anyway, would this be illegal if the person did not agree to the EFT?

When a person is dealing with EFT's, then they need to look at the contract that they signed, if there is one, and see if they agreed for the funds to be taken by EFT every time. If there is no contract or the contract does not give them permission to take the funds out without the consent of the person, then the only recourse that the person may have is to sue to regain the money back. The person would also want to place a stop payment on the business to make sure there are no future issues with the business taking funds out.

Debit cards are a way for a person to pay for goods and services without using cash. When a person is thinking of getting a debit card or they have one, then they may have questions regarding how the debit cards work, how the debit card is used, or even which debit card is the best. When these questions arise, then the person would need to consult and Expert to gain the answers regarding debit cards.

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