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Death of a Dog Questions

When a person is a dog owner they will have to sooner or later have to deal with the death of a dog, this is a tough thing to think about to most people they are not just loosing an animal but part of their family. When the death of a dog does occur this can become devastating, and every person will deal with the lost of a loved one; there is one thing that is very important to make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to mourn. Your grieving can have an effect on any other animals in the house, so you may need to ensure you still give them the love and attention they need. You can read below for more information where Experts have answered questions about the death of a dog.

Could poising cause loss of eye sight, slight swelling of the neck, and death of a dog?

With their only being slight swelling in the neck the likelihood of poisoning be the cause is very slim. The most likely cause would be a rattle snake bite but this would also depend on where you live. Rattle snakes are not around in most parts of the country, but with the symptoms the dog is having it sounds as that would be the cause. Now, if you do not live in a place that has rattle snakes then other possibilities could be a bee or wasp sting if these are not treated they can cause death if there is an allergic reaction. The most common signs of an allergic reaction of a wasp or bee sting are swelling in the neck or the snout of the dog. Most cases the dog needs to be seen by a veterinarian to get medical help.

What would cause a dog to die after throat surgery with symptoms of swelling in the throat and weakness?

In some cases where a dog has to have throat surgery there can be complications or serious reactions, the can be deadly. It seems as if maybe your dog has had a side effect to the surgery that was done on its throat, and that may have caused its throat to swell and cut off the airway causing the dog to pass away. When the veterinarian does this procedure they do not know the extent of the damage that is in the dog’s throat therefore they will not know if the dog’s throat will heal properly. After the damage is worked on in surgery the body’s natural reaction is to make up scar tissue, another reason you dog may have passed away is because the scar tissue may have built up and closed off the dog’s airway.

Could grease from a grill kill a three year old dog that has not had any symptoms of illness?

With a dog that young and in good health there can be many different possibilities that could have caused the death, it would be very doubtful that the grease from your grill was the cause of death. Some likely causes would be any poisons in the home or around the yard to kill rats or any small insects. There are some other probable causes such as a major heart attack or a severe stroke.

Can morphine or steroids cause a dog to bleed from the anus or cause death?

Morphine and steroids that are used on dogs are to help the dog from going into a state of shock. The steroids protect the organs so they do not shut down. If the dog was given too much morphine it most likely wouldn’t cause any bleeding; the most common effect of a morphine overdose is the dog will become very tired and fall asleep and not wake up or the dog might have some trouble breathing.

What could cause a 10 year old dog to die while on a walk if the dog has symptoms of hard of hearing and a recent limp?

The symptoms the dog was having most likely did not play a part in the death of the dog. The best assumption to the cause of death would be sudden heart failure. It probably did not cause the dog and pain. This is seen in many older dogs such as yours.

Many people have dog in this world, and many of the dogs are more than just a pet to the owner. Their dog is part of the family such as a loved one. The loss of an animal is very tragic and upsetting. Many owners do not know how to deal with the death of their dog, or people do not know how to give condolences to a dog owner that recently lost their dog. For more information you can contact dog veterinarians for fast and affordable answers.
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