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Death Penalty Questions

What is the death penalty?

The death penalty is a type of punishment that consist of having an individual killed after the individual is being charged and found guilty of certain crimes in the legal system. The death penalty can be done as a revenge to make sure that the individual can no longer commit a crime, or to prevent criminals in the future. Many countries use the death penalty at some point for many different crime, and killing individual in a number of different ways. Continue to read below where thousands of Experts have answered questions relating to the death penalty.

Can a person get the death penalty for a crime they committed before the age of 18?

The Supreme Court ruled in the case of Roper v Simmons that Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments do not allow for the death penalty for crimes that were committed while the offender was under the age of 18. So therefore if a person commits a crime before they have reached the age of 18, they cannot put to death for it.

Can a person who received the death penalty, deny an appeal even though appeals are automatic when the sentence is the death penalty?

It is possible that a defendant may want to limit the number of appeal, and they are able to choose this if they desire. Some prisoners do this so as not to prolong the inevitable.

Can a judge rescue themselves from a case in which the death penalty is being sought due to personal bias against the death penalty?

In many cases this is possible, but the statute/administrative rules are different per different jurisdiction. There are a minimum 51 jurisdictions and the 50 state systems and the federal systems. They all come from the same common law system in which the fundamental principles are the same. If in any way the judge has a bias then a rescue is essential. If a rescue is not done by the judge themselves then one of the participants may motion for the judge to be rescued by a Motion to Rescue.

Is it possible for a citizen of the United States to sue a state that uses the death penalty for a capital crime?

Since the death penalty has not been found unconstitutional, it is not possible for a citizen to sue the state. It is not possible to sue the state for something that is legal. The federal government has not mandated that all the states must use the death penalty; only 37 of the 50 states use the death penalty. The states that do use the death penalty are allowed to do so if their legislature has voted for it.

The death penalty is a sentence for a capital crime. There are states in the United States of America that still use the death penalty. A long as there are still states using the death penalty there will be advocates, protesters, controversy, and questions. For those questions it is best to ask the Experts.

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