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VA Death Benefits

What are VA Death Benefits? VA Death Benefits are what the spouse or children of a deceased veteran receive when their income or health does not allow them to live properly. The VA Death Benefits are income based benefits and may raise questions or concerns with the family. Applying for VA Death Benefits can have many advantages; however it could also cause many questions to come up. Read below where Experts answer questions.

If a veteran only has a few months to live, can the spouse receive his/her disability or pension?

The veteran’s disability and pension stops when the veteran passes away. The only way for the surviving spouse to get any benefits is if the veteran has them listed as their beneficiary and then the surviving spouse would get the benefits under the Survivor Benefits Plan.

What would a WWII deceased veteran’s spouse be entitled to in regards to benefits?

The spouse of a WWII veteran may be entitled to a couple of different benefits. The first one would be Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC) and the second would be the “death pension”. If the veteran did not have a disability rating from the VA then the surviving spouse would not qualify for this benefit. With the “death pension” there are income limits, so the surviving spouse would need to meet the income requirements for this benefit.

Is the surviving spouse of a deceased WWII veteran entitled to any benefits to help him/her with their assisted living facility?

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation and”VA Death Pension” are two of the programs that the VA offers to survivors of deceased veterans. If the surviving spouse remarries after December 16th, 2003 or reaches the age of 65 then he/she would still be entitled to these benefits as well. If the surviving spouse still has questions then the Military Lawyers will be able to assist further with any advice that is needed.

Is there any benefits that a child of a deceased veteran be entitled to or may receive?

Most of the programs offered through the VA are income regulated or based on the child’s income level. The best way to see if there are any benefits for the child is to look through all the benefits and see if their income meets the criteria to receive the benefits. The following link will help to determine what benefits apply to the child.

Can the widow of a Vietnam veteran receive any benefits if their spouse was killed suddenly in a work related accident?

If the surviving spouse qualifies then he/she may be entitled to the two main benefits from the VA. These benefits are the Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC) and the other one is called “Death Pension". The surviving spouse may need to go to the VA’s website and look through the benefits and see if he/she qualifies for the above mentioned benefits. The VA’s website is The surviving spouse will need to fill out the form found at the following link and return it to the VA to get the process started in determining his/her benefits.

When a veteran of the military dies, the family may be lost and confused as to where to turn to find help or they may be confused as to where to turn to get the answers or advice regarding the benefits that they are entitled to or may receive from the VA. When this happens, then the spouse or children can get the advice that they may need fast and affordable from the Experts.
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