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Death Benefit Questions

What are death benefits?

Death benefits are the money or benefits that an individual may get from the insurance of a deceased person if they have been named the beneficiary. Individuals who want to claim benefits after the death of the policy owner may have a lot of rules and procedures to follow. It is important for people to be aware of the various legal procedures that govern death benefits. Given below are important questions that are commonly asked about these benefits.

What would happen to the death benefit amount of an individual if they do not name anyone as the beneficiary of the plan?

If an individual does not name anyone as the beneficiary to receive the benefits after their death, then all the money may go into the individual’s estate. It may not be given to anyone directly. The executor of the estate may have to make a separate trust account and the funds will be transferred into it. No one may be able to use this cash as the check may be made to the estate of the individual. Once the expenses, if any are paid, the executor of the trust may be able to distribute this money to all the beneficiaries of the individual.

Is the recipient of benefits from a life insurance policy required to turn them over to Medicaid?

An individual may not have to turn over the benefits of a life insurance policy to Medicaid. The money received from the death benefits may not be used to settle a Medicaid claim.

Who may apply for benefits from an individual’s social security if there is no beneficiary named or no estate set up?

If no beneficiary has been named or estate set up, then the deceased individual’s next of kin may apply for the benefit from the social security. The next of kin may be the individual’s spouse, child, sibling, grandchild, cousin or nephew or niece.

Where can an individual get the documents that is required to claim their father’s death benefits if they have been named the beneficiary?

The individual may obtain the necessary documents and forms from the probate court in the county where his/her father lived at the time of his death. The individual may have to submit a small estate form or relief from administration form. This individual can be able to withdraw the money once they have been named the executor or personal representative of the estate.

What are accelerated death benefits?

Accelerated death benefits are available to individuals who may want to use the proceeds of their life insurance policy before their death. In such situations, the amount that the beneficiary may get on the death of the policy owner may be reduced.

Can an individual get information about a deceased person’s insurance policy if they were not the beneficiary?

An individual may not be authorized to get information about a deceased person’s life insurance policy unless they are a primary beneficiary, contingent beneficiary or a representative of the estate.

Would an individual get estate tax exemption on his/her annuity death benefits if they are a permanent resident of the United States?

An individual may be eligible for estate tax exemptions on their annuity death benefits if they are a resident of the United States regardless of their citizenship.

The loss of a loved one can be very difficult to deal with. If you are the survivor of a deceased parent or relative, you may also have to take important decisions about the person’s estate and other benefits. Not knowing how to deal with these issues can further add to the grief and helplessness. In other situations, you may be the owner of the insurance policy and may have questions and doubts about whether you can use your benefits before your death or not. Whether you are the beneficiary of a deceased person or the owner of a policy, you may ask Experts if you have any questions and are looking for information about death benefits and its legalities.
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