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Deafness in Dogs

Deafness in dogs could be genetic or could be caused due to an injury or disease. It is important to find the cause of the deafness in order to determine whether it can be reversed or not. Deafness caused by injury could be reversed in some cases with the help of medication and treatment. However, if it is genetic or caused due to old age, it may not be possible to reverse it. Given below are some of the important questions about deafness in dogs that have been answered by Experts.

What are some of the causes of deafness in dogs?

Some of the causes of deafness in dogs are given below:
• Middle or inner ear disease which can be diagnosed by conducting an otoscopic exam.
• Ototoxins or certain antibiotics like aminoglycocides that can lead to deafness when applied to the ear.
• Noise trauma.
• Senile deafness that normally occurs in older dogs.

What are the types of deafness that may occur in a dog?

There are three types of deafness that a dog may get. They are:
• Acquired deafness which is caused either due to a disease or a drug. In some cases, it could also be caused because of a trauma to the head or repeated exposure to loud noises.
• Congenital deafness which is inherited and is commonly found in some breeds of dogs.
• Deafness of senility which is found in older dogs.

Can meningitis cause deafness in dogs?

Meningitis can cause various neurological problems and can affect all the senses in a dog. In some cases, it can lead to deafness as well.

Can the use of Remicin cause deafness in a dog?

Remicin is a gentamicin based medication that is used to treat otitis externa. Gentamicin can be ototoxic and can lead to chemical deafness. The risk of the deafness may be high if the ear drum is not intact when the dog is being treated.

How long will it take for a dog’s hearing to resume if it is suffering from acute deafness due to exposure to gunshot fire?

The time it takes for a dog’s hearing to resume after being exposed to gunshot fire would depend on how the ear has been affected. The dog’s ear drums may be checked for any kind of injury. If the ear drums are ruptured, then they would have to be treated before determining how much time it will take for the hearing to come back to normal. The loss of hearing could either be permanent or temporary and may come back slowly over a period of time.

Will a deaf dog’s puppies be born deaf as well?

Whether a deaf dog’s puppies will be born deaf or not will depend on the cause of deafness. If the dog was born deaf due to some kind of birth defect, its puppies may also be born deaf. However, if the deafness was acquired during its lifetime, then the puppies may not be deaf.

Can deep cleaning under anesthesia cause deafness in a dog?

Deep cleaning under anesthesia may cause deafness in a dog only if the ear drum gets damaged during the cleaning. If this is the case, the injury may heal in a few days and the dog may get back its hearing. However, if the hearing does not come back after a few days, then there could be another underlying cause for the deafness.

Are there any inherited disorders causing deafness among the Cavalier King Charles breed?

There may be no inherited disorders causing deafness among the Cavalier King Charles breed. If any dog of this breed has gone deaf, the vet may do an ear culture. He/she may also sedate the dog and examine its ear in order to rule out any kind of middle ear infection.

Sudden deafness can confuse your dog and make it irritable. It can also frustrate you not knowing what the cause of the condition is and how it can be reversed. Though the deafness may be reversed in some situations, at other times it may be permanent. The only way to determine whether it is permanent or not is to identify its cause. You may have many questions about what causes deafness in dogs and how it can be determined. You may ask and Expert if you have any questions about deafness in dogs or its treatment.
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