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Doing Business As (DBA) Laws

What exactly is a DBA?

It is an abbreviation for Doing Business As. This typically is used by sole proprietors. DBA’s are often used with franchises. The franchisee will have a legal name under which it may be used, but the branded business name is the DBA that the public recognizes. Read below where thousands of available Experts have answered many questions pertaining to Doing Business As (DBA).

Can a business that is registered as a Doing Business As (DBA) go into a business contract or agreement when litigation occurs?

Since it is simply an individual doing business under a fictitious name, it is actually the individual that is entering into any contracts for that business and if the business is sued, it is actually the individual that is being sued, not the business because it's not a legally recognizable separate entity like an LLC, corporation, etc.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) vs. Doing Business As: which, if any, is preferable to set up for purpose of running 100% web based opportunity?

In most situations, it is usually better being a registered Limited Liability Company when doing business because it gives a limited liability and protects the individual’s personal assets from the liabilities of their business in case there is problem that occurs.

How does someone dissolve a DBA in California?

In many cases, the individual will need to contact the clerk's office where they have filed for their DBA and file an article of dissolution with them. The individual will also need to file a copy of the dissolution with the IRS to cancel their DBA Employment Identification Number (EIN) if they have a separate EIN for the DBA. The individual can call the IRS for submission of the dissolution for the EIN number.

However, the individual will need to provide proof that all taxes of the DBA have been paid to date and they have to file a final return for the DBA.

Can a publicly held company have a DBA registered to it without doing a reverse merger? Example: Legal business name DMS Holdings, Inc. DBA Green City Tech

A DBA is a legal fiction without any financial or accounting ramifications. It is like an alias - no other actions besides filing the DBA are required.

How many DBA's can someone run as a Sole proprietor legally in the state of New York?

The individual could use several DBA's as much as they like just as long as the individual is not doing so for a fraudulent or illegal. In many situations, businesses call for using multiple names even though it’s the same business, using a DBA enables a business to do just that.

DBA also known as doing business as varies from each business to the next. If someone has questions, regarding DBA questions, DBA requirements, and DBA management. Individual can ask the Experts for all their Doing Business As questions.
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