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Dacryocystorhinostomy Procedure

What is a dacryocystorhinostomy or DCR?

When someone is in need of a surgical procedure in order to help restore the flow of tears from the lacrimal sac to the nose; then the individual may be in need of a procedure that is known as dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR). When the flow of tears to the nose or from the nose to the corner of the eye is clogged or in some cases there is a defect that causes the flow to be interrupted, then the individual may be in need of the DCR procedure in order to help the flow of tears. In some cases, when a person has this procedure done, they may have a small incision made on the side of the nose and a small amount of bone is removed so that a new connection from the tear sac to the nose is made. Also, there is some drain type tubes left at the site for a few months so that the new tract may heal properly. When an individual needs a DCR, they may have many questions regarding how the DCR is done, the healing time of this procedure, or even if the DCR will help on a permanent basis. Read below where some questions about a dacryocystorhinostomy have been answered by an Expert.

If a person has a blocked tear duct, what can be done to treat the blocked tear duct and how will the person heal?

When someone has a type of obstruction in their tear duct, then the person may need to have a surgery to help restore the function of the tear duct which is known as a DCR. There may also be a chance that the individual may have some sort of issue with the surgery since the DCR procedure may be known as an invasive surgery that may cause other issues with the nose passage, and in some cases some individual may have no issues at all. The recovery time and difficulty may all depend on the person and how healthy that person is.

If a person has a blockage in their tear duct that causes an infection, what can be done, what doctor does the person need to see, and will the doctor be able to tell if surgery is needed?

Some people who have infection due to a blockage in the tear duct may need to surgery to remove the blockage and help with the drainage of tears. The surgery may be referred to as a dacryocystorhinostomy or DCR. The person may need to see a specialist that deals with the eyes and nose to make sure that the DCR is needed.

Would a person need a DCR if they keep having blockages in the tear ducts?

If someone is dealing with a tear duct that continues to keep getting blocked and other treatments have not been effective, then the individual may need to have a DCR procedure done in order to remove the blockage and make a new way for the tears to drain. If the individual has already had several blockages, then the individual may need to see an Ophthalmologist in order to discuss how the DCR procedure may help the individual.

If someone suspects they have a blockage in their tear duct, what can be done to treat it and is there anything they can do before they have surgery?

When someone is discussing the need for a DCR, the individual may need to have the blockage in their tear duct examined in order to make sure that the tear duct is fully blocked or if the tear duct is only halfway blocked. The individual may also need to try a steroid eye drop for a period of time before the DCR can be done.

When someone is suffering from any type of issue with blockage of their tear duct, the individual may be in need of a DCR. When a person is in need of a DCR, the individual may have many questions as to what the need for a DCR is, how the DCR may help their certain condition, or if the DCR may cure the many common issues. When someone is in need of answers to these questions, then an individual may need to contact an Expert.
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