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Cyber Crime Laws

What is cyber crime?

Cyber crimes are often defined as, offences that are committed against a individual/individuals with a criminal motive that will intentionally harm the reputation of the victim/victims or that will cause physical or mental harm to the victim either directly or indirectly by the use of modern telecommunication networks such as internet chat rooms, emails, groups, or notice boards, and cell phones by use of SMS/MMS. Such crimes may also threaten a nation’s security and financial health.

What type of crime would receiving harassing emails be?

Depending on what kind of emails they are, they may be considered a state or federal cyber crime. Unless the harassment involves child pornography or terroristic threats, the FBI may not get involved. A description of what the FBI is looking for to pursue a cyber crime taken from their website.

“The FBI's cyber mission is four-fold: first and foremost, to stop those behind the most serious computer intrusions and the spread of malicious code; second, to identify and thwart online sexual predators who use the Internet to meet and exploit children and to produce, possess, or share child pornography; third, to counteract operations that target U.S. intellectual property, endangering our national security and competitiveness; and fourth, to dismantle national and transnational organized criminal enterprises engaging in Internet fraud. Pursuant to the National Strategy signed by the President, the Department of Justice and the FBI lead the national effort to investigate and prosecute cybercrime.”

The emails may fall under the cyber crime criteria to be pursued through the state means.

How can a person find out of their cyber crime case that involves overseas money, is being investigated by the FBI?

The FBI have their hands full of cyber crimes so it is more than likely the person would not be able to call and see where they are in the investigation. The person may also trying to report the crimes to their state Attorney General’s Office as well as the person’s local branch of the Secret Service. It is more thank likely a lost cause due to the fact that money wired overseas is virtually untraceable.

Can you file a cyber crime against a person who has stolen and deleted several personal accounts of another person?

The act of hacking into a person’s email or other online account is considered a cyber crime. If the person has evidence or proof that a person did this, they should take it to the local police department. If the person is harassing and doing other things, he/she may be guilty of other crimes as well and the person may need to file other complaints.

If an ex sends a email to a friend from someone else’s email account, what can a person do about this?

By law this would be considered a cyber crime and the person may be able to sue the ex for defamation if the email was malicious, false, sent and read by a third party, that the third party believed the email, and that the person can prove that the email harmed them in a material or verbal way.

As the internet and internet accounts grow, so do crimes involving the internet and cell phone service. Cyber crime has been on the rise through the US and internationally and is a very confusing, grey area of the law that causes questions that need to be answered. When a person is face with a type of cyber crime, he/she may need to consult an Expert to gain the explanation to any and all questions he/she may have.
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