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Volvo CV Joint Troubleshooting

Are the odd noises being heard related to a Volvo CV joint issue? Are vibrating wheels related to the Volvo CV joints? Volvo CV joints are part of the axle or the suspension system of the car. Experts say, though it is not common for axles to break or fail, it is possible for CV joints to fail. This can cause unfamiliar noises, driving issues and in some cases, the car may not even move. In many cases, CV joint replacement may be necessary and generally, Experts suggest the use of original equipment machinery (OEM) since they last longer and work better. To know more, read below where Experts have answered a few of the many questions and problems.

What could cause a tapping noise heard from the 2000 Volvo V70?

This issue could be due to problematic CV joints. They tend to make a rhythmic rattle while accelerating the car around a turn. To check this, use a flashlight and turn the Volvo wheels completely to one side. Shine the torch through the wheel well on the CV boot near the part where the axle runs into the hub. If the boot is torn and grease is out of it, it needs to be replaced, both sides if necessary. Once the CV boot breaks, water and dirt can enter the joint making if fail.

What is the difference between replacing the Volvo CV joint and CV axle?

The key difference in replacing the CV joint and axle is the labor time taken to do so. The CV joint is part of the axle and usually when problems arise, most shops tend to replace the complete axle as one unit. This is because it is easier and faster. The process of replacing or rebuilding the CV joints is more complicated and takes longer.

Why are the Volvo S80 front wheels vibrating over 60 MPH?

This could be due to a worn CV joint because the CV axle transmits the wear as a vibration. Try exchanging the tires to check if it makes a difference. Put the front wheels at the back and back wheels in front. If this makes no difference, it confirms that the issue is with the driver’s side axle.

Why does the Volvo wagon fail to shift or move in any gear and makes a grinding noise when “park” is engaged?

This is most likely a faulty CV joint. To check this, a helper can engage the gear and check whether the inner part of the axle is turning and if the outer part is not. This should be with the Volvo raised up to be able to inspect beneath it. An alternate method would be to lift the Volvo up, with the engine off and gear engaged to park, spin the tires one at a time. If the wheel turns but the axle doesn’t, the problem is confirmed.

What could cause loud popping noises to be heard when gears are changed on the Volvo S40?

Case Details: The motor mounts and struts have been replaced.

If a loud popping noise and clunk is heard each time the gear is changed, it is probably a defective CV joint on one of the axles causing this problem. Replacing other parts will not help arrest this issue until the CV joint is inspected.

Why does the Volvo S80 shake badly while accelerating and goes away once the pedal is left?

Usually this is because of a worn out passenger side CV joint and sometimes it can be driver’s side as well. The engine and transmission mounts should be checked. If they aren’t broken the CV axle should be grabbed with your hand before it enters into the joint. On doing this if it moves more than 1/8th of an inch or so, it should be replaced.

As seen above, Volvo CV joint troubleshooting can be performed by you if you are provided the right information or are guided by someone who knows more about automobiles especially the Volvo. On many occasions you tend to confuse the symptoms of CV joint issues with other similar symptoms or related problems. Therefore, to be able to get the right direction to your particular Volvo CV joint issues, ask Experts. They can provide customized answers you need, in a quick and affordable manner.

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