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Customs Duty Questions

Individuals contemplating the import or export of items may be subject to customs duty. Uncertainties of how much customs duty would cost for a used motorcycle or what the customs duty requirements are to import a dog often lead to questions like the ones answered below by the Experts.

If I buy a second hand motorcycle from the USA at $20,000 how much will I have to pay in customs duty and other tax when I get back to the United Kingdom?

New motorcycles that are imported into the UK will be charged customs duty of 7.8% to 8.6%. The exact percentage will be based on the purchased value of the new motorcycle.

If you are importing a used motorcycled, the percentage will be determinant on the UK wholesale value. To find the wholesale value you will need to know the make of the motorcycle.

There will be a Value Added Tax (VAT) of 17.5% and it will be based on the total price of the motorcycle plus the customs and duty. The customs duty can be waived if it can be proved that: the importer is moving to or returning to the UK; if the importer has lived at least one year outside the European Community (EC); if the importer has owned and used the motorcycle for at least 6 months outside the EC before its importation; if the motorcycle is tax-paid and declared to customs officers on arrival; and the motorcycle is for the importer’s personal use, and will not be sold, lent, or hired out within 1 year in the EC (unless granted by customs authority).

All documents including insurance certificates, foreign registration papers and so on will have to be furnished as proof of possession and to show that the motorcycle has been used outside the EC for the specified period. Also, the vehicle can be imported anywhere between 6 months prior to and 12 months after the importer’s arrival. In case it is imported before the importer arrives, the importer may have to pay a deposit of duty and tax. This can then be refunded when they furnish proof that says they qualify for relief.

I purchased an expensive table in Italy 3 years ago. I paid for item in full including shipping insurance, sales tax of 20% and customs duty upon arrival. I have now received a notice from the state that I owe a 6% use tax plus fines, penalties etc. Is New Jersey entitled to this charge?

New Jersey can collect for this on the basis of use tax. New Jersey law stipulates that items purchased for use in New Jersey is subject to the New Jersey use tax. Currently the use tax has been raised from 6% to 7%. This will be charged on any items where the seller does not collect New Jersey Sales tax unless the jurisdiction is which the seller paid tax has a reciprocity agreement with New Jersey.

I have dual citizenship: U.S. and Poland and would like to know what the taxes would amount to if I were to ship a new Audi to a citizen of Poland. If the car is taken directly to the shipper, would I still be expected to pay sales tax? And how much would the export and import taxes be?

If you already own the vehicle, there is no way to avoid paying state and local taxes in your state. If you do not own it, it must be shipped directly by the dealer or by the dealerships’ shipper to Poland You will still have to pay import tax which is currently 35% in Poland. Additionally, there will be customs duty and a VAT on imported goods. The VAT is currently 22%. Finally, you would have to pay BPM which is the private motor vehicle and motorcycle tax for the issue of a Polish vehicle registration certificate. All of this may amount to about 65% of the total cost of the new car.

Could you tell me what the laws and regulations regarding the shipment of a puppy in Africa to the U.S are? Also, what is the documentation I need to enable the shipment?

The U.S. Public Health Service does have certain rules and regulations concerning pet dogs and cats that are imported into the country. To begin with, they must be examined at the first port of entry to check if they are carrying any diseases that could be passed on to humans. A valid rabies vaccination certificate for dogs that come from places where the disease still exists also needs to be included. Animals that are on the endangered species list will not be allowed to be imported without special federal permits. Currently dogs and cats are free of customs duty but check with state, county and municipal authorities on any local restrictions they might have on the import of pets.

My fiancé is going home to the Philippines and wants to send me some .999 pure silver bars back to me. What paper work do we need to fill out and what is the best way to send 10 kilos back to me here in the states?

Your fiancé can use a shipping service such as FedEx or DHL or even regular mail for this purpose with a declaration describing the good as a precious metal. A customs duty charge will then be assessed and need to be paid to the U.S. Customs upon arrival.

Obtaining the right information and understanding about customs duty can help when faced with circumstances involving customs duty. Experts can help answer questions customs duty on used motorcycles or what customs duty requirements are needed to import a dog. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert.
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