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5 reasons why people love JustAnswer

It’s a simple and easy way to get the answers you need. JustAnswer helps people save money, time, and even lives by bringing professional services online, all in one place.

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Available anytime, anywhere

We’re open 24/7. No appointment necessary. Experts at the click or a tap away.

My shih tzu had severe abdominal pain - at 10 pm at night of course! The doctor I spoke to sent me to the ER. We saw our normal vet the next day who did emergency surgery on a strangulated hernia and she's now fine. I've used this service in the past and will continue to do so.


So much savings

From legal fees to in-person repair visits, JustAnswer offers professional services at affordable low prices. We’ve saved customers thousands of dollars.

I was able to get relevant tax advice at a small fraction of what I would pay normally. And I got it in 15 minutes. Great site. A game changer.
Jeremy was extremely helpful with my diesel engine issue, he got me up and running again! The tech got my medium duty truck up and running in the first reply. He saved me a tow bill and being at the mercy of the dealership. I know I would have been looking at a $1500.00 bill with towing and repairs.
Tech Dave helped me get my Maytag dishwasher reset in less than 5 minutes. The four button sequence he had me try saved me $150!!!


Professional and courteous

Our Experts go through an 8-step verification process as well as training. We make sure we get Experts who care about our customers and offer exceptional service.

It’s like legal advice in my pocket. My experience with JustAnswer was the best I’ve ever received through an online company. Professional, courteous, caring and just downright truthful. I love this site and will recommend to anyone seeking legal advice or anything else.
My golden retriever chose a Sunday to eat an astonishing amount of chocolate. Dr. Jess gave me specific instructions on what to do, answered my follow-up questions fully and promptly, and was very reassuring and good-humored about everything.


Fast, fast, fast.

You’ll get answers often in minutes. We’ve got Experts online in 150+ specialties, ready to connect.

My Chihuahua got a hold of a piece of green onion. I didn’t know whether to take her to the emergency vet since onion is very toxic to dogs and my dog is so small. The vet on JustAnswer reassured me. It was a relief to get expert advice so quickly.
M. Barker
Have used JustAnswer twice, and on both occasions found the speed of service and the expert advice invaluable.
Happy customer
The fact that I had a vet ready to help with my issue in less than 10 minutes makes all the difference.


100% satisfaction or your money back

Not happy with your answer? You can request a new Expert at no extra cost or get your money back. We’re in the business of problem-solving, so if we haven’t solved yours, we’ll make it right.

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