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Cadillac CTS Problems

The Cadillac CTS is a luxury car manufactured by General Motors – Cadillac division. Introduced by Cadillac in 2002 as a sports sedan, the CTS succeeded the Cadillac Catera. In spite of the high quality materials used and the new technology, the Cadillac CTS may have problems with the engine and other parts. Lack of information on the Cadillac CTS could lead to questions.

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What is the procedure to change the thermostat in a 2003 Cadillac CTS with a v6 engine?

The radiator needs to be drained before removing the upper hose from the engine. The part of the engine that the hose connects to is known as the coolant pipe. The pipe needs to be removed by removing the nut. The coolant pipe could be pulled straight forward. This pipe connects to the thermostat housing on the other end. One could remove the upper and lower intake manifolds, and then remove the thermostat housing. This is not very easy as it will take about four to five hours.

What could be the reason for a Cadillac CST not starting with the key after the red positive cable is removed and reattached in order to stop the alarm?

It could be because of the run down battery caused by the activation of the theft deterrent system. When this happens, the key will not start the car as there is a solenoid that must activate electrically to turn the key. One could probably charge the battery and use the key to unlock the vehicle or use the key in the driver’s door. This should solve the problem if there are no other issues.

In a 09 Cadillac CTS how could the speaker grills be pried up in order to change the front dash tweeter speakers?

One could use a flat bladed tool with the tip taped to prevent scratching to pry up the defrost grill. Then the retainer bolts could be removed and the tweeters removed.

What does a burning smell and smoke coming out of the hood of a Cadillac CTS indicate?

It could be an indication of an oil leak onto the exhaust pipe, which needs to get repaired. The oil should be at an operational level before starting to ensure that no damage is caused to the engine.

Where are the fuse blocks located in a Cadillac CTS?

One fuse block should be located in the passenger compartment under the left side of the rear seat, and the other under the right side of the rear seat. One fuse block should be behind the driver knee bolster at the base of the steering column, and another in the engine compartment, in the RF corner.

When a Cadillac CTS will not start even though the other electrical items work, what could be the problem? When a Cadillac CTS will not start even though the other electrical items work, it could be that the battery is faulty. There could be insufficient power to drive the starter. It may also be noted that a voltage test of the battery is not sufficient to test the battery as it may not give any indication of the power capacity of the battery. The connection to the battery could also be checked. As long as one can consistently jump start the vehicle, the only cause for concern could be the battery.

The Cadillac CTS, though a luxury car with high quality materials and enhanced technology, could still face mechanical problems. When faced with problems and questions arise, turning to an Expert for help may prove to be the best resort.

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