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Dodge Cruise Control Problems

Dodge cruise control problems are usually related to many other components of the Dodge. Experts are of the opinion that majority of the time; the problem lies with the vacuum lines. In case the line is new or intact, it could be a case of a faulty cruise actuator. The Dodge cruise control actuator contains small pistons inside which can corrode, pit and cause problems. The solution to combat this issue is to first try cleaning them. If this does not work, the actuator would need to be replaced.

To understand more about a few common Dodge alternators problems, below are a few questions answered by Experts.

After a recent wheel bearing replacement, what can be done about the Dodge cruise control not functioning on a 2007 RAM 1500, 5.7 hem?

Since the Dodge cruise control problem essentially began after the wheel bearing replacement, the problem is ether related to the bearing or speed sensor. Typically a tone is present in the bearing from which the speed sensor obtains data. This tone wheel could either be damaged or missing from the new bearing. Another possibility could be a defective speed sensor. Hence this sensor can be removed from the new bearing and the tone wheel inspected through the sensor hole in the bearing. If the visual inspection is fine, the sensor should carefully be removed from the old bearing and installed into the new one. This can get the Dodge cruise control functional again.

The defective heads were replaced on a 1998 Dodge RAM 1500 Truck at 20,000 miles and the engine was steam cleaned. Why doesn’t the Dodge cruise control engage though the light is on?

Based on the description of the Dodge cruise control problem being faced here, most likely the problem is with broken or disconnected vacuum lines at the passenger side of the throttle body. Usually the problem begins when battery acid corrodes a hole into the cruise servo vacuum supply line. This line is connected to the cruise servo below the battery towards the front. The line can be followed to the engine connection at the passenger side close to the throttle body. Next one should reach down and feel or pull the hard plastic vacuum line so that it separates when pulled. Using a piece of rubber line, the line can be spliced together after cutting off the faulty sections. Generally disconnecting the line at the throttle body and sucking on it can help detect any leaks. It should hold. The cruise servo should not be ignored either as it may have acid damage too.

What could cause the Dodge cruise control to not work on the 1998 Dodge RAM 2500 4x4 Turbo Diesel?

Inoperative Dodge cruise control can be a result of several factors. As stated in the answer to the previous question, the first and most common problem could be of a cracked or loose vacuum line from the vacuum pump to the cruise control servo. If this checks out fine, it should be disconnected at the cruise control servo to verify if vacuum is present. Cruise control is also overridden when the brake switch input to the PCM indicates that the brake is being applied. This is probably due to the switch becoming misaligned. To counter this, while driving over 35mph, you need to reach under the brake pedal and attempt to set speed control. If it engages, a new switch is required. These switches self-adjust when installed and need not be reset. Apart from this, the other factors which can cause Dodge cruise control problems is a stop lamp switch, clock spring under the steering wheel, wiring issues or a problematic PCM. Problems with the switch, PCM may be diagnosed using a scan tool such as “SnapOn”. Alternatively auto part stores can allow free connection of scan tools for diagnosis. Once connected you need to look specifically for cruise control switch inputs, brake switch operation and other cruise control related codes.

Why does the check engine light on the dashboard come on when the Dodge cruise control is engaged??

If the check engine (CE) lamp is illuminated, it is quite possible it has influenced the speed control to get disabled. Since this is a drive-by-wire throttle system, the factory can disable the Dodge cruise control if it is causing the CE light to turn on. Typically the speed control switches are completely connected and operational at the “On” switch else the dash indicator would not turn on. On the other hand individual switches failing is uncommon but can occur. This can cause a code to set in the engine controller if it has failed.

The material detailed above on Dodge cruise control problems are only some of the many questions which can arise with users of the Dodge. Your question could be different from what is asked above or you may be seeking information, opinions, estimates or clarifications regarding the Dodge cruise control problems you are facing. To obtain answers or some guidance, Experts can be helpful to provide some insight and information.
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