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Jaguar Cruise Control Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble operating the Jaguar cruise control? Or, do you need help turning the system on? Often, car owners are faced with such questions at the most inconvenient times. When this happens, they usually get confused as to who to approach for help. In such situations, knowing where to find quick reliable answers is the key to mental peace. Read below where Experts have provided answers to your questions about Jaguar cruise control issues.

How to fix the cruise control light on a Jaguar X Type that blinks intermittently?

  • First, check if there is a vacuum leak in the vehicle.
  • If not, check the booster hose that runs from the brake booster to the intake for any issues.
  • Next, verify if the O-rings on the booster and the purge valve plastic lines are leaking.
  • Finally, inspect the mass air flow sensor for any faults.

What can cause the cruise control on a Jaguar to quit working?

A defective brake pedal position switch or a bad brake cancel switch can likely cause this. Troubleshoot both these components to determine the true fault to repair as needed. However, before making any repairs, make sure both the switches are properly connected and tightly secured in the bracket.

How to fix a cruise control malfunction that displays the codes ‘C1165’ and ‘P1111’ on a Jaguar S Type?

C1165 indicates a fault with the passenger rear wheel speed sensor.

  • Check the sensor for any faults with a voltmeter.
  • Then, verify if the link harness to the sensor is broken. If so, replace the harness; or else, change the sensor.

P1111 is a readiness code wherein no repair is needed.

  • First, inspect the sensor on the black wire for a ground signal from the module.
  • Then, make sure the brown wire has a pulsed voltage on it when spinning the wheel.
  • Finally, check the ring on the rear axle for any looseness or damage.

What can prevent a Jaguar cruise control from working when the ‘Fail Safe Motor Mode’ orange light is on?

A faulty cruise control switch or a defective air bag connector can likely cause this issue. Using a diagnostic tool, scan the vehicle for error codes to ensure which component is at fault and repair as needed.

What can cause the cruise control on a 2002 X Type Jaguar to suddenly quit working?

A broken or rusted ABS rings on the rear axle shafts can likely cause this. Have the components replaced to see if they fix the problem. If not, the entire axle may need to be replaced.

What can cause an engine malfunction light to appear on a Jaguar after applying cruise control?

A defective electronic throttle can cause this to happen. The best option is to connect a scan tool and check the fault codes to confirm the issue.

How to remove the message ‘Cruise Control Not Available’ on a Jaguar?

  • First, make sure the battery at the negative terminal is fine and not cracked.
  • Then, check the battery cable for any corrosion issues.
  • Next, verify if the 'J' gate shifter is lit up in the gear the vehicle is in.
  • Then, inspect the TCM (Transmission Control Module) for any water leakage.
  • Finally, check the auto wiper module and its connections for any corrosion.

What can cause a Jaguar cruise control light to keep appearing along with blown headlights?

A faulty internal regulator on the alternator or a defective positive and negative battery cables can likely cause this issue. Perform a voltage drop test on the cables to find out which one is at the fault to replace, as needed. In case this does not work, check if the grounds atop the alternator bracket and next to the power steering reservoir are clean and tight. If the problem still persists, replacing the ECM (Engine Control Module) will be recommended.

How to activate the cruise control on a 2000 Jaguar XJ8?

First, turn on the cruise control switch that is situated on the shifter bezel. This will allow the LED to light up. Once it does, engage the cruise with the steering wheel controls.

The cruise control is essential to maintain a steady speed in a vehicle and avoid collision with other cars on road. Thus, when these devices malfunction, it can be of a huge headache to its owners. This is where getting in touch with an Expert for a fast repair is crucial to restore normal working condition. Verified Experts are readily available at your convenience to answer your questions and clarify doubts from your home anytime day or night. 

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