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Chrysler Cruise Control Troubleshooting

Do you want to add a cruise control to a Chrysler? Need helping troubleshooting Chrysler cruise control problems? Has the Chrysler cruise control begun to malfunction? There can be many instances where the Chrysler cruise control and related problems can be diagnosed with the help of a scan tool. When there is a need for any replacement or repair, one of the main components to be careful with is the airbag since it is a safety component of the car. To get more information on Chrysler cruise control troubleshooting, below are a few common questions answered by Experts.

What is causing the Chrysler cruise control to only work intermittently and even then switches off?

This is caused by a vacuum leak or a defective check valve to the cruise control servo or vacuum reservoir. To locate the servo the throttle cable should be followed over to the servo. Check and inspect this vacuum connection, from the tube to the vacuum reservoir. If all vacuum lines are intact and no leaks are found, scan the vehicle to see if the servo is malfunctioning and needs replaced.

What could cause the Chrysler cruise control to stop working at 60 miles per hour and the engine shuts down?

Since the engine is skipping and going off, first check whether the cruise control lights turn on when the button is pressed. If it does not instead the engine light comes on, the engine controller would need to be scanned for fault codes to determine the root cause for the failure. It should be noted that when the check engine light illuminates, the Chrysler cruise control will not work.

Why did the Chrysler cruise control go off simultaneously with the horn, airbag and all fuses in the fuse box of a Chrysler 300M?

First, check the clock-spring in the steering column as it could have failed. The spring consists of a thin ribbon which winds and unwinds when the steering wheel is rotated and can break overtime. The other components such as the airbag, speed control switches and horn, pass through this clock-spring. Remove the steering wheel to gain access to the clock-spring and replace the spring. The clock-spring is a dealer available item which costs around $150 and the labor required is under an hour. Some Chryslers such as the Town and Country 2000 model have a recall (D17) available on this part and the defective component would be replaced free of charge.

Apart from a steering wheel cruise control lever, what else is required to install Chrysler cruise control on a PT Cruiser?

The required components are a wiring harness, cruise servo and cable from the servo to the throttle body. A wiring harness comes in a kit which is used to install cruise control in a car which is not equipped with it. It needs to go below the dashboard to the servo and next to the powertrain control module (PCM) which is installed into the factory connector. The PCM can be found under the hood, at the firewall, below the master cylinder. Once these components are installed, the dealer would need to update the vehicle options and the vehicle configuration.

Will a defective fuse or sensor prevent the Chrysler cruise control from working on a 2007 Sebring 2.4L?

The Sebring does not have a separate cruise control fuse. First, try replacing the cruise control switch. Using a diagnostic scanner, check for any failed switch related coded. Most auto stores may not charge for this service.

The material detailed above on Chrysler cruise control problems are only some of the many questions which can arise with the Chrysler cruise control. Your question could be different from what is asked above or you may be seeking information, opinions, estimates or clarifications regarding the Chrysler cruise control To obtain answers or some guidance, Experts can be useful in providing information.
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