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Chevy Cruise Control Troubleshooting

Is your Chevy cruise control not working properly? Are you, or your mechanic, unable to troubleshoot the problems? The complexity of the cruise control and the interrelation with other systems means that high-level professional knowledge and experience is required to solve problems. The opinions of verified mechanical Experts will help you to troubleshoot your problems and find the right solutions.

Read below to see some questions that Experts have answered.

What could cause the Traction and ESC lights to illuminate on a 2009 Chevy HHR LS and for the cruise control to stop working?

Case Details: The “Reduced Power” message is also on.

There are a number of possible causes, but the common one is that the computer has sensed an electronic throttle system fault. This will trigger the Reduced Power message. This in turn will activate the ESC light and deactivate the cruise control. A scan to see the error codes that have been set will reveal the cause of the problem. A problem with the throttle body or gas pedal, or the connections to them, will often cause this kind of issue.

If the cruise control on a 2004 Chevy Tahoe has stopped working, what troubleshooting can be done before going to a shop?

The complicated electronics and the interactions of the communications and other modules means that the only reliable way to identify the problem is with a dealer level scan tool. A low-end scanner may not be able to read the stored fault codes and any trial and error attempts may make the problem worse.

Could a sticking brake light switch on a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado prevent the cruise control from working?

Case Details: The brake pedal has to be double tapped to turn off the lights. The ESC light on the dash is on.

Brake signal faults are a very common cause of cruise control problems. In this case, the faulty brake light switch will cause the ESC light to illuminate which in turn will cause an error code to be set. The code will cause the cruise control to shut down. This is a design safety feature. A scan will show the code stop confirm that the switch is the cause of the problem. If a scan is not possible, change the brake light switch and then disconnect both the battery cables for five minutes to erase the code. If the cruise works, the switch was the cause.

What could cause the cruise control on a 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500 to set okay, but for the resume function to work sporadically?

This problem is usually caused by either a failing resume switch or an issue with the clock spring in the steering column. Check the resume switch first and if that is okay, check the clock spring. Replace the defective part.

What is the right way to troubleshoot a nonfunctional cruise control on a 1993 Chevy Corvette?

The troubleshooting process is normally done by using a scan tool. However, if one is not available, check the following in the given sequence:

  • The cruise control set switch and the connections to it.
  • The cruise control resume switch and the connections to it.
  • The brake light switch and the connections to it.
  • The vehicle speed sensor and the connections to it.

If none of the above are the cause, the cruise control module may be faulty.

What could prevent the cruise control on a 2003 Chevy Suburban from working intermittently?

Case Details: The cruise control shuts off and resets itself after intervals of 1-20 minutes.

Problems of this nature are difficult to diagnose and testing can only be done when the problem is occurring. The best solution is to connect a scanner to look for stored fault codes that will point to the cause. At times, faults in other systems can cause cruise control issues. If no codes are set, then the cause could be a faulty cruise control switch or brake light switch or the connections to them. In rare cases, ignition switch issues can also be the cause.

Will a local shop be able to fix a 2008 Chevy cruise control that is not working or does the vehicle have to be taken to a dealer?

The factory cruise control is built into the BCM/PCM modules. Only a factory level GM scan tool will be able to read the stored error codes to identify the problem. Very few independent shops have this equipment. A dealer who has the tool and experience in dealing with this kind of problem is the best option.

What could be the reason for the cruise control active light on the steering wheel to come on with the set switch but the cruise to not work?

If the light is coming on, the likelihood is that the cruise control has been electronically disabled. This could be due to a fault in some other system or module which may deactivate the cruise as a safety feature. A scan with a compatible scan tool is the only way to find where the problem is.

How can the cause of a 2014 Chevy Tahoe suddenly accelerating in cruise control which resulted in an accident, be determined?

If the airbags deployed, GM will be able to scan the computers on the vehicle to find out exactly what was happening at the time and what caused the acceleration. If the airbags did not deploy, it will be almost impossible to find out what went wrong. This is an extremely rare occurrence and in the very few cases it does happen, it is because the driver’s foot slipped off the brake pedal or accidently pressed the accelerator.

As this article illustrates, Chevy cruise control problems are often difficult to diagnose. There are a number of other systems which interact with the cruise control and an issue with any of them could cause the cruise to stop working. The opinions of verified mechanical Experts is the best source for the information you need to ensure that the problems you face are properly fixed. You can contact Experts from any place of your choosing, at any time convenient to you, by going online and getting customized answers to your questions.

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