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CRT TV Troubleshooting Questions

Do you still own a CRT TV and need troubleshooting information? Does the TV produce a static noise when muted? In today’s fast paced world of technology, gadgets are repaired or replaced constantly. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions are one among them. You may own such a TV which has worked efficiently for many years. However, if you are facing problems an Experts insights and quick answers can help save time, money and energy. Read below where verified Experts have provided customized solutions for owner.

What is a CRT television?

A Cathode Ray Tube or CRT television consists of a glass tube with a high voltage circuit that illuminates it. It requires approximately 25 kilovolts for a picture to get displayed on the screen. This type of an analog TV typically cannot receive over the air (OTA) signals independently. This is more so because most channels are now digital. Hence it requires a digital TV converter box to receive and convert channels.

Why does the Samsung Projection TV make a loud static noise even when muted?

The static noise is likely a result of the high voltage lead to one of the CRT’s. The cause of this type of an issue is most likely the electronic part of the circuitry. It occurs when electricity jumps a part of the circuitry that it is not meant to. This problem is similar to static which you experience occasionally when you walk on the carpet during winter or when you reach out for the door handle. Though this problem may not be dangerous, if left unrepaired, it can damage the TV. The faulty component needs to be diagnosed using electronic tests. 

Why is a red curving line/tint being displayed on a Phillips Projection TV?

Based on the symptom described, most likely the red CRT is failing. Typically, TVs have three CRT tubes – green, blue and red which operate on high voltage. After a period of time, their functioning starts to deteriorate. In such a scenario it would probably be a better option to replace the television since eventually, the green and blue CRT’s are bound to fail.

What could cause a Sony CRT TV to make a crackling sound and a few channels are appearing fuzzy?

Sometimes this problem can arise due to a passing static build-up whereas other times, the “crackling” sound produced from the CRT TV is because of high voltage sparking to ground. This problem is more likely in high humidity conditions. The cause could be a leaking, high voltage transformer. Though this may not result in fire hazards, it is not a good sign. If the situation worsens, the TV can shut down. Moreover in this scenario, finding suitable parts and CRT TV is time consuming and expensive.

Why does the Hitachi show a blue screen for 10 seconds and go off?

Technically, this is a situation where the TV is shutting down because the three CRT tubes are turned on so hard, that the beam current trips the TV. These rear projection CRT sets were designed for a lifespan of 5 years. Problems start to creep in once this period is over. In this case, unless you have experience handling a high voltage product, attempting a diagnosis can be dangerous.

What does a red flashing power light with no picture on a Toshiba CRT TV indicate?

A flashing power light is indicative of hardware failure in the television. Some of the common failures in CRT tube TVs after a period of time are as follows: the horizontal deflection section of the TV going bad, the horizontal output transistor and fly-back transformer becoming defective. The reason for these failures is generally bad capacitors, dry/cold solder joints on the circuit board, loose connections and so on. In this case, further troubleshooting may be required to confirm the defective component. If parts need to be replaced, it would involve soldering work with proper tools which needs to be carried out by skilled professionals. Hence the repair can become cost prohibitive.

How is the Zenith floor CRT TV dismantled?

The CRT TV essentially comprises of the chassis which is a metal frame that holds the circuitry in position and the actual CRT tube itself. To dismantle it, first the back portion of the cabinet should be removed to allow access to the chassis. Next, all the wiring should be disconnected and the CRT neck board removed. Finally, the chassis and CRT can be removed.

As seen above, no doubt CRT TVs are durable and reliable. However, when problems arise, chances are the repair can cost more than the value of a new television. In such situations being armed with information and estimations from Experts can help you make the right decision. These Experts are readily available to assist you at your convenience and at an afforadable cost.
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