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Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC)

What is combat related special compensation?

Combat related special compensation or CRSC is a kind of payment given to officers every month for injuries that they may have sustained in combat situations. It restores an individual’s military retirement pay which an individual may have lost on accepting the disability compensation from the Veteran Affairs (VA). The CRSC ensures that retired officers who are eligible for it receive an amount that is equal to or less than their retirement pay. Given below are some of the most commonly answered questions by Experts about CRSC.

Would the amount of time that an individual served in the navy affect their eligibility for combat related special compensation?

In most situations, the amount of time an individual serves in the navy may not affect their eligibility for combat related special compensation. If the officer wants to obtain the compensation, they may apply for it to the Service Secretary of the Navy and request for approval.

Would an individual’s CRSC be considered to be marital property in the event of a divorce?

Whether an individual’s combat related special compensation is considered to be marital property or not may depend on whether the individual had waived his/her retirement pay to receive disability benefits or not. If the individual had done so, the CRSC may not be considered to be property that can be distributed in the event of a divorce.

Under what circumstances would an individual qualify for combat related special compensation?

In most of the situations, an individual may qualify for combat related special compensation under the following circumstances:
• If he/she is rated as 10% or more disabled by the VA
• The disability was caused during combat
• The individual gets military retirement pay

Can an individual receive both their retired pay and VA disability under the provisions of the combat related special compensation?

An individual may be able to receive both their retired pay as well as VA disability under the provisions of the CRSC. The individual may apply for this once they retire.

How can combat related special compensation be calculated?

In order to calculate CRSC, one may subtract all of their disability percentage from 100% and derive the remaining efficiencies. They will then multiply the remaining efficiencies. The result may then be subtracted from 100% and rounded off to the nearest 10%.

Is an officer required to file an application to obtain combat related special compensation?

An individual may have to apply for combat related special compensation. The officer may have to fill up the DD Form 2860. Along with the form they may have to submit all available DD214s and 215s, all VA rating decisions, physician reports and VA medical records. The individual can also submit all of their award certificates and narratives, military medical treatment facility records and military orders.

Can the VA be asked to directly deposit an individual’s CRSC into his/her ex-spouse’s account for child support?

The VA may not be permitted to pay an individual’s ex-spouse his/her CRSC directly as child support.

Certain aspects of CRSC may be complicated. Understanding these aspects can be difficult. You may take the answers of an Expert and get your doubts about combat related special compensation cleared.
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