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Crown Procedure and Problems

What is a crown?

When a person goes to a dentist and the dentist wants to do a crown, then this is a type of dental restoration that completely caps the tooth of the person or even the dental implant. When a dentist makes a crown, the crown can be made by many different materials. Crowns are used in dentistry to help to support or help make a tooth stronger. When a dentist makes a crown, they will take an impression of the person’s mouth and then make the crown, the crown will then be placed in the mouth on a separate visit to the dentist. Read below to find Expert Answers pertaining to crown problems that many individuals experience.

Is there a way for a person to protect a tooth that the crown on broke until they can get to the dentist and have it fixed?

If the person has to go for a period of time before they can get in to see their dentist, then the person would need to try and avoid hard foods. If the person is having any kind of pain, then they can take Tylenol or Aspirin. If the crown only cracked and did not break in two, then the person can get dental cement. This will help to cement the crown in place until they can get into the dentist to have it fixed permanently.

What should a person do if their dentist placed crowns on several of their teeth and told the person that the crowns would never fall off, but a few of them did?

If the dentist was negligent in placing the crowns, then the person would want to consider getting a lawyer, this is if the person has the money to pursue the litigation. If the person wants to go another route, then they may want to consider talking and filing a complaint with the American Dental Board and let them know that the dentist was negligent and then did not respond to the requests of the person to fix the crowns that the dentist may have messed up on. The person may also want to consider filing a complaint with the Board of Dentistry.

If a person looses their crown on their lower tooth, what should they do if they called their dentist and have not heard back from the dentist in over an hour?

If the person is not experiencing any pain, then the person would want to avoid chewing on the side that the tooth is on. The person can make an appointment with their dentist on the next available day to have the crown fixed. If the tooth where the crown fell off of is hurting, then the person would want to avoid chewing on the side with the missing crown as well as avoiding things that make the tooth sensitive. The person should not attempt to replace the crown themselves, but should get an appointment as soon as they can.

If a person has a permanent crown, but it does not fit right, what can the person do to get the crown fixed?

If the dentist did not make the crown right the first time, then the person may need to look into another dentist to fix the crown. The new dentist will need to cut the messed up crown off, and if done right, then the person would not need to worry about damage to their tooth underneath. The dentist would then need to make a new impression of the tooth so that a new crown can be made. The person would get a temporary crown until they return two weeks later to have the crown cemented in.

When a person has an issue with a tooth, then the person may need to get a crown to cover the tooth and protect it. If the person has a crown or is going to get a crown, then they may have questions about what the crown does, how to fix broken crowns, or how to deal with a dentist that messed up on a crown. When these questions arise, then the person would need to seek the answers from an Expert.
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