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Chrysler Crossfire SRT Troubleshooting

Have you discharged the modules to reset your Chrysler Crossfire SRT’s on-board computer? Having a problem lowering the top of your Crossfire SRT convertible top? These are some typical questions asked by Chrysler Crossfire SRT owners. The quickest and most reliable way to get an answer is to ask an Expert.

Read below for answers to these and other Crossfire related questions answered by Experts.

How to restart a Chrysler Crossfire SRT after battery replacement?

If the old battery was totally dead chances are that the car has slipped into security mode depicted by the security icon. Disconnect the negative battery terminal and touch it to the positive post. Wait about 30 seconds before reconnecting it. This should discharge the modules to reset the car’s computer, take it out of security mode and turn out the warning light. The engine should now be in a position where it can be started.

What does the FSS indicator with an icon and the number 277 indicate on a Crossfire SRT?

FSS is an acronym for Flexible Service System or demand-activated engine oil service system. The FSS icon appears as a reminder when a service is due, or when the oil level has dropped below an acceptable level. The number displayed is a measure of the distance or time when the next service is due. The FSS acts on information gleaned from the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and the digital clock in the instrument cluster.

What would generate smoke from under the hood of a Chrysler Crossfire?

The most common cause is a valve cover gasket leak. 

How to troubleshoot a Chrysler Crossfire convertible where the top does not go down in response to the switch?

  • While the convertible top is power-operated and activated by the console switch, the top still has to be manually locked and unlocked from the windshield to which it attaches.
  • To lower the top start by releasing the top latches with the ‘D’ ring latch handle which should also lower the windows.
  • Next, push the latch handle up to raise the top, lifting it away from the windshield.
  • Now press the power top switch to the open position and keep it pressed while the top begins to fold back on itself.
  • Release the switch when the top completes its movement, packing itself into the storage compartment located behind the seats.

Note, the cycle is only complete when the top is either fully opened and in the compartment or fully shut alongside the windshield. Stopping it midway will disrupt the Power Top Control Module (PTCM) causing it to lose track of where the top is positioned. An audible signal is an additional aid which intimates the user when the cycle is completed. Only then should the switch be released.

Can an impact cause the ESP and ABS warning lights on a Crossfire SRT6 to come on and is it safe to drive with the lights on?

Yes, it is possible that an impact will turn on the lights. Chances are that either the wheel speed sensor or the wiring leading to the sensor was damaged during the impact causing the lights to come on. The exact cause will need to be determined and repaired and the codes reset. The car is safe to drive till the problem is rectified but the warning lights will remain illuminated.

How to troubleshoot a Chrysler Crossfire which vibrates acutely with fluctuating RPM while idling?

These symptoms are typical of a dirty throttle body which needs to be cleaned. What happens is that the accumulation of dirt causes the idling to rise and fall till the engine eventually stalls. Generally, the engine runs smoothly as long as the accelerator is pressed but when the pressure is removed, like when going downhill, the trouble starts. The solution to this is simple which is to clean the throttle body with cleaner which is readily available at all auto parts stores. Just use a rag and the cleaner on the throttle body and the car should be good to go. When the engine vibrates and runs sporadically a cause as simple as a dirty throttle body is often overlooked.

Many common Chrysler Crossfire SRT problems can easily be self-repaired if properly diagnosed. The key is in correctly determining the cause and its solution. Here is where it helps to ask an Expert. If you need help, ask an Expert and receive a customized answer to your question.

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