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Do you need to know how to pay into your social security? Do you want to know more about social security credits? In order to be eligible for social security benefits, a person must work and have at least 40 credits. Knowing exactly what to do for your social security benefits can be confusing, consult with an Expert for accurate information. Read below for questions answered by Experts.

Is it legal or possible to pay into your social security?

The only way to earn social security credits is to work and pay social security taxes. Unfortunately, an individual can not “buy” into social security and therefore can not purchase social security credits.

Would it be better to start social security at the age of 62 or wait until age 66?

If an individual wants to receive full benefits, then waiting until age 66 would be required. If an individual is having financial troubles and needs money before the full retirement age of 66, then it would make sense to go ahead and draw benefits early.

If one spouse, who is a writer, hires the other spouse as an editor, can that spouse earn social security credits?

The answer would be “yes.”  If he pays you as an employee, then he would pay one-half of your social security tax and you would pay the other one-half. If he does not pay you as an employee, and instead you are paid as an independent contractor, then you would pay the full social security taxes as self-employment taxes. Either way you will earn credits that will help you qualify for retirement benefits.        

How many quarters does an individual need to qualify for Social Security?

Under the rules of Social Security, a person born in 1929 or later, needs to be employed for ten years in order to be eligible for retirement benefits. A person born before 1929 needs to be employed for a lessor amount of time. If a person has worked, paid social security taxes and dies, certain members of the family may be eligible for the social security benefits of the deceased person. This would be survivor benefits. It does depend on the person’s age at the time of death. Survivors of very young workers may be eligible if the deceased worker was employed for the one and a half years during the three years before death

Is there any way to earn missing social security credits?

Social security credits can only be earned by working, either for an employer or by self-employment. 

Will rental income count toward earnings after retirement?

Rental income is not considered “earned income” for the purpose of social security income limits or for earning social security credits.

How does one qualify to claim a deceased spouse’s portion of Social Security benefits?

If the deceased has paid into the system for at least ten years, then enough social security credits have been earned. Social security survivor benefits can be paid to a widow or widower. Full benefits can be paid at full retirement age and reduced benefits as early as age 60. If the widow or widower is disabled, benefits can be paid as early as age 50.

If a person gets married, at age 64, before starting to collect Social Security benefits, will it affect the amount received?

There is no penalty for marriage in social security. A married couple’s lifetime earnings are calculated independently to determine the amount of benefits. Each spouse receives based on his or her own earnings. However, if one member of the couple earned low wages or did not earn enough social security credits to qualify for retirement benefits, he or she may be eligible to receive benefits as a spouse.

Can one collect on an ex-spouse's Social Security?

Spousal benefits may be collected if you were married for ten or more years and if you never remarried.

Can disability Social Security be deducted from one's postal service retirement?

Social security can not be deducted from your postal service retirement, but your social security beneifits may be reduced based on the amount of your postal service retirement.

Many adults have questions regarding social security credits and obtaining eligibility of credits. Finding the most accurate information in a timely manner is possible by consulting with verified legal Experts. They are readily available to answer all your questions at an affordable cost. 

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