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Pre-Employment Credit Check

What is employment credit check?

An employment credit check could help give an individual the following information: A verification of an employee’s social security number, toll filings and other common information. Employees being dishonest and deceiving the employer is a common occurrence and employment credit checks and help fight this common occurrence. When people face questions similar to this they can ask an Expert for legal insights. Listed below are five of the top employment credit check related questions.

If someone intend to work for HSBC, is doing a credit check and the party has a couple of bad credit issues on their report, can this stop the employee from getting the position they are applying for?

This is a subject of company judgment. Companies are used to seeing some problems and if they see the employee is trying to pay off their debts to solve the problem then the company should not have a problem but again it is a judgment call for the company.

Is it legal for an employer to do a credit check on someone and hire based on the results of the credit check?

In the federal Fair Credit Reporting law, the correct answer is yes. The individual could obtain additional information about the FCRA in this publication made by the Federal Trade Commission. If the employee is still unsure and would need further advice, they could ask an Expert.

If someone just had a job offer receded due to a credit check but know there was a bill on the floor called The Equal Employment for All Act, what would the employee’s options be?

At this point in time, that certain bill has not passed yet. For that reason, the individual has no rights under it. If, later, the bill is approved and it is made retroactive (which is extremely doubtful) then the individual would have an official recourse.

In the state of Missouri, if an employee thinks they will be offered a job by a new employer soon and they currently have a bankruptcy on their record that has not been discharged yet, when they run all the background checks, will they be made aware of this?

If the employee has put their signature on a paper permitting the employer to complete a background or credit check; then the company will see this data. Missouri bylaws permits companies to seek their own guidelines concerning employing as long as it is not based on age, ethnic group, sex, disability, national origin, or beliefs. For more information about their own particular situation, the individual can ask an Expert.

Is it legal for an employer to use a credit check to determine whether or not to hire someone?

It is officially authorized for a company to use a credit check before employing a worker. In reality, it is an extremely general practice. There is a complete business geared to perform the background screening of potential workers for companies. Standard background examinations on a potential worker contain a criminal record check and a credit check. That is why having a good credit is a good idea for the employee.
Employment credit checks are a very personal topic. Employees may have questions and/or concerns about their privacy and may have questions regarding employment credit checks. Asking an Expert for legal insights can help a person find answers to their specific problems and questions.
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