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Creative Commons Questions

What is Creative Commons?

What is Creative Commons? Creative Commons is a not-for-profit organization, established in two thousand and one that supports the artistic recycle of rational and creative works whether have possession of or in the public domain.

What is a Creative Commons License?

Creative Commons licenses offers an open range of protections and liberty for writers, artists, and educationalist that build ahead the “all rights reserved” idea of conventional copyright to present a voluntary “some rights reserved” approach. Continue to read below to receive more Expert answers pertaining to creative commons.

Can someone copyright something and give it away for free and encourage others to give it away as well?

Copyright is a right; it is not restricted to bodily objects providing a gift card with a copyrighted photo on it does not have an effect on the copyright on the photo.

If someone has a recipe for a cocktail that people are crazy over and a name for it. How can someone get it recognized and how can someone maybe copyright it?

For the most part no one can copyright any recipes. As well as one word and small sayings cannot be copyrighted, but they can on the other hand have this recipe trademarked.

Is someone allowed to use a video on YouTube in a commercial project as long as the party notifies the owner of the video?

In many cases, individuals are not allowed to use a video online for a project without permission. These types of videos are in fact protected by a common law copyright. If an individual decides to use these videos without permission, the owner of the video can possibly sue for the damages that were created, and for using the video in commerce. The individual will need written permission in order to use a video that is protected.

Can someone produce a play for a nonprofit media outlet if they are not going to make or exchange any money and if they do not get permission from the copyright holder?

In most situations the individual cannot do this. Whether the individual creates cash or not, making a play that is in copyright can be a criminal offense.

A number of writers are placing their work out there in a "Creative Commons" license where the people are approved for additional individual’s to utilize their work in different forms.

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