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Creatinine Test and Treatment

Do you or someone you know need to know what creatinine is? Have you or someone you know had high creatinine levels? Are you concerned about the creatinine levels? Do you need to know what proper creatinine levels are for a child? Do you need to know what creatinine levels mean? Experts can clear up some of these concerns that an individual would have.

What is creatinine?

Creatinine is a leftover result from muscle tissue breakdown. When creatinine is made it is ran through the kidneys which is used as a filter and is let out through the urine. A doctor can measure the creatinine level in the blood through a kidney function test. This test works by seeing how well the kidneys handle creatinine, how fast it is filtered and what the rate of blood goes through the kidneys. For more information about creatinine read below, Experts have answered several questions.

Would a creatinine level of 1.06 be a concern or need to be addressed to lower the level?

The normal range for creatinine levels for male or female is about 0.5 to 1.4 mg (milligrams). Normally in women the creatinine is lower; however, this will depend on the proportion of muscle mass, size and kidney function. With that being said, a creatinine level of 1.06 would not be considered high. This level would generally not be a huge concern but could be something to monitor so the levels do not become out of control and bothersome. A level creatinine that would be a serious concern would be anything above 1.5.

What would it mean if the BUN to creatinine ration level was 24?

The BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) level is over creatinine value. The normal range for creatinine and BUN is 9 to 23, so this level would be just slightly high. Generally, when the bun creatinine level is high this is from being dehydrated. When hydration is restored, the individual should be tested again.

What could cause a creatinine level to increase within a short period of time?

There are several reasons that creatinine levels can become elevated quickly. Generally the main reason creatinine levels raise is because a muscular body builds or an increase in body mass. These have been shown to raise the creatinine levels. Another cause could be a larger than normal amount of protein intake.

Would a BUN over creatinine level of 23 be a concern for a 10 year old?

BUN over creatinine ratio level at a 23 would be somewhat above normal. The normal range would be in between 10 to 20 for a child. This reading could be from mild dehydration; this could cause a problem with the kidneys in the long run. For kidney problems the BUN/creatinine ratio would need to be high for a long period of time. If the ratio levels out to a normal reading on its own then this could be nothing to worry about.

Creatinine is a product from leftover muscle tissue that has broken down. This can become high if an individual becomes dehydrate, muscle mass increase or body weight increases. This can cause concern for an individual. For more information about creatinine contact an Expert.
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