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Criminal Court Process

A criminal court is a court that hears and decides on cases that involve crimes and offenses against the criminal law. An individual may be summoned by a criminal court either as an accused in a crime, a victim in a crime or a witness in a crime. There are many rules and regulations of the criminal court process that an individual must know before he/she deals with the court. Given below are top questions that have been answered by Experts about the criminal court.

How can an individual get out of a criminal court subpoena?

If an individual has been subpoenaed by a criminal court, then only the court may decide if the individual should be forgiven or not. If the individual does not show up on the subpoena, the party that issued the subpoena may request for the individual’s arrest and have him/her held in prison for contempt of court. If the individual wants to escape punishment, he/she may have to prove to the court that he/she may not be physically able to attend the court either due to travel out of country or due to medical reasons.

Can an individual see the evidence against him/her in the criminal court without being represented by an attorney?

An individual may be able to see evidence against them in the criminal court if the individual is not represented by an attorney. The individual may also request the prosecutor to give them a copy of all the evidence and an opportunity to review it.

How can an individual obtain a criminal court transcript?

If the individual wants to obtain a criminal court transcript from a particular date, the individual may need to find out which court reporting agency was in court that day. The individual may have to request for the transcript and pay for it. In some of the jurisdictions, the clerk’s office may have a form that the individual may submit to the official court reporter through the court. The individual, in the form, may have to mention the date of the request, the name of the case, the docket number, the name of the judge or magistrate, the name of the court reporter, date of the hearing, part of the transcript that the individual needs and a mailing address to mail it on.

Can an individual find out the reason for another person’s arrest before a hearing in a criminal court?

An individual may find out the reason for another person’s arrest before a hearing in a criminal court. The copy of the police report is a public record and the individual may access it by checking a clerk’s office or library.

What can a mentally ill person on probation do if a criminal court district judge denies his/her prescribed medication?

The mentally ill person may hire a local attorney to file a motion for reconsideration and give the reason as to why the individual needs to take the medication. Through this motion, the attorney may ask the judge to reconsider the order. The attorney may also file an appeal of the judge’s written decision to a higher court. The individual may argue that the judge’s decision is cruel and violates the eighth amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Can a criminal court judge change the original amount of a bail bond that has been set by another court?

In most situations, the judge may have the power to ask for an additional bail amount over and above what is originally set.

What is the meaning of chambers work in a criminal court?

Chambers work may refer to any work that is done outside a court room, out of public view. It may include pre-trial meetings, motions being filed or conferences. The defendant or the accused individual does not have to be informed of the chambers work.

Having information about the criminal court will help individuals understand the different proceedings of the criminal court and will also help the individual conduct himself/herself correctly in the criminal court. Contact the Experts if you or someone you know has questions pertaining to criminal court.
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