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Questions on the Court Trial Procedure

Court trial is a court where trials are held. A general jurisdiction trial court has the authority to hear all types of civil and criminal cases that aren't exclusive to another court. The United States district court is considered a trial court with general jurisdiction of the federal judiciary. Each US state has a court system that establish trial courts for general jurisdiction. For example, Missouri Circuit Court in Missouri, the Superior Courts of California in California etc. Below are questions regarding trial court and they have been answered by Experts.

Can someone please explain what "Court Trial Long Cause" means on the court calendar?

There is no need to worry over the Court Trial Long Cause. All this means is the trial is going to last more than one day. This is one way that the courts can determine how to plan their days by sorting the short causes from the long causes. Generally the court will try to hear the short causes first. If you are concerned about the parties being listed twice on the posting calendar, you can contact the court clerk in the court where your case will be heard. The court clerk will be able to explain the schedule. To learn more about the code section of a 3118 investigation in your state, you can follow this link:

I had a traffic court trial where the police officer did not show up. I found out recently that the case should have been dismissed. Is there any hope or anything else I can do?

The court is not required to dismiss a case if the officer failed to appear. There may have been an unexpected reason for the officer to miss the court date which would explain the court rescheduling. This may be an inconvenience but there is no legal prejudice against you based on a re-schedule. As for calling or writing a letter, the court will generally not respond to this type of communication. You should go to court on the next appointed court date, and in the event the officer doesn't appear at this court date, you should immediately request a dismissal.

I have court in one week and my attorney has quit. I have no attorney or money to hire a new one. What can I do?

With your attorney leaving the case at this point in time, you need to file a motion with the court that would order the attorney to remain on the case. If the court doesn't order your attorney to remain on the case, you will need to file a motion for a continuance based on the termination of legal representation.

An option for you would be to ask for legal aid, but generally, legal aid is very picky about which cases they accept. Another option would be to contact your state bar and request a list of pro bono programs that they may have to offer. You could also check with local law schools and inquire about their law clinic programs.

My client is not available for his traffic court trial. Can I continue the case and is a written statement from him about the occurrences leading to the traffic violation admissible in court? I am in California.

You can ask the court to grant a continuance before the hearing, however there is a chance the court will not allow it. Usually, the California Court Association traffic courts will try to accommodate a local attorney if at all possible. It isn't in your client's best interest to not appear for the trial. The court's use this opportunity to evaluate the defendant as a witness. Also, if your client fails to show up at court, the officer could always argue that the statement is inadmissible because there is no way to cross examine the defendant.

Court trial procedures may be complicated for people who have never been exposed to the court system. Many people are unsure of what to expect and how to prepare for court. When questions like these arise, you should always ask an Expert for legal insight on court trial procedures.
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