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Traffic Court Related Questions

Do you want to know your best options on how to proceed after receiving a citation or ticket? Do you need to know if you should hire an attorney? Traffic court handles traffic ticket cases that begin with a citation or ticket given by a police officer. The person who is given the citation or ticket may either plead guilty and pay the fine or not guilty and contest the matter. Experts are available to help you understand your rights and the steps to take in traffic matters. Read below to find where verified Experts answered traffic court related questions.

How should a person proceed with a fix-it ticket for having a headlight out, but then selling the car before signing off on the ticket?

If the ticket requires proof of correction, the individual should be able to request a court date from the clerk of the court. At the court date, the individual needs to take proof of the sale of the vehicle. Since the individual no longer owns the car, the judge will likely dismiss the case. If the ticket does not require proof of correction, then the fine can either be paid or a court date requested in hopes of a dismissal.

Can tickets for failure to provide documents, expired inspection sticker, and proof of insurance, be appealed?

Case Details: Police officer told individual that tickets would be dismissed if proof of documents was shown. Later at court date, police officer said he didn’t say that and individual had to pay the fine.

It would be very difficult to get the tickets overturned. There is no proof that the police officer lied. The court will always give credence to what an officer has to say. An appeal court will not overturn a lower court’s decision based on an appeal that a witness was not telling the truth. It is a rule of the appeal court that they will not overrule a determination of truthfulness of a witness unless there is sufficient evidence that the witness was clearly not telling the truth and the lower court’s decision rested on that witness’s testimony

What is the procedure for rescheduling a traffic court date that was missed?

The first step is to call the court and let them know the reason for the missed date. It is likely the matter has already been rescheduled to the next time the court hears traffic cases. If more than one court date is missed, the court may suspend an individual’s license until an appearance is made and a fee is paid.

How can an individual check the points on a driver’s license?

An individual can check a driving record online at the DMV’s website.

Is it possible to fight a camera ticket where a person turned right on a red light with no sign stating otherwise?

Tex.Veh.Code.Section 544.007 says “is that a person may turn right on a red light after coming to a complete stop, proceeding to the intersection, then yielding to oncoming traffic and any pedestrians.” Signs would only be posted if you weren’t allowed to turn right after stopping. If the ticket shows that you came to a full stop before proceeding, both tickets can be disputed.

What can be done about a ticket given in New York City for doing 44 mph in a 30 mph zone?

In New York City traffic court, a person appears before a magistrate rather than a judge. Regular court room procedure does not apply and a person has no right to discovery. If a person wants to fight a New York City traffic case, it is done flying blind. There is no district attorney, therefore there is no plea bargaining. Since this is a civil matter and not criminal, the burden of proof is in favor of the police officer and not the defendant. It is possible to win, but more likely if individual has an attorney. If a person does not want to be out the expense of an attorney, paying the fine and attending driving school is the best option.

Tickets and citations are issued everyday regarding traffic matters. It can be stressful for a person to determine the best course of action. Contacting an Expert for their insights is highly recommended. Qualified legal Experts are available online to answer your questions in regards to traffic court matters.

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