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Counterfeit Money Laws

Counterfeiting presents a potential danger to economies and financial losses to consumers. With counterfeiting scams becoming more rampant, it is important to be aware of counterfeit money and the consequences of possessing it with or without knowledge, as well as the laws pertaining to counterfeit money and reporting counterfeit money. Lawyers on JustAnswer can provide answers to your queries or concerns about counterfeit money. Given below are some of the frequently asked questions on counterfeit money with answers from JustAnswer Experts.

Are There Any Counterfeit Money Laws?

Different States have different laws regarding counterfeit money. The counterfeiting of money is attacked severely by governments. Learn more about Counterfeit Money Laws by talking to Lawyers on JustAnswer.

Passing a Counterfeit Money Order

This is a common fraud. If a bank is provided with a money order to be cashed and the money order is found to be counterfeit, the bank may be considered the actual victim of the crime, while the citizen may be viewed as the perpetrator for passing the counterfeit money order. The individual passing the check, not the bank, is responsible for verifying the authenticity.

If you or anyone you know has unknowingly passed counterfeit money orders, you can ask a Criminal Lawyer on JustAnswer to find out the best course of action.

Statute of Limitations on Counterfeit Money Making

Different states have different criminal procedures with regards to counterfeit money. In some states, criminal procedures will allow a 10 year period to prosecute. Also, such an act can be prosecuted under the US Code in Federal Court with an 8 year statute of limitation.

Unknowingly Cashing a Counterfeit Check

If you realize that you have unwittingly cashed a counterfeit check at a bank, the first thing you should do is return the proceeds from the check to the institution that cashed the check because they will hold you accountable for the check by debiting your account. The bank should be able to determine from the routing number on the check where the check came from and coordinate with the Attorney General's office to offer information to assist in prosecution.

What is Counterfeit Conspiracy?

Any conspiracy is a plan between two or more people to commit an illegal act. Any action "in furtherance" of that plan is considered to be carrying out the conspiracy. So, if two or more people plan to counterfeit money, and any one of them actually does anything towards that goal, they can all be charged with conspiracy to commit counterfeiting.

Reporting Counterfeit Money

Can you turn in a person with criminal charges on counterfeiting money? One must remember that there is nothing unlawful about learning that someone you know was involved in a past crime and not reporting that knowledge voluntarily. It is not a crime to threaten to or to turn a person in on criminal charges. One can and must inform the police, and it is well within your legal rights to do so.

Know all about Counterfeit Money detection, reporting counterfeit money and Counterfeit money laws in your State. Ask a Lawyer on JustAnswer with verified credentials in Criminal Law. They will address your queries quickly, affordably and to your satisfaction.

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