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Ford Cougar Troubleshooting Questions

Do you need to know how to troubleshoot an oil leak around the front of a Ford Cougar? Or, need to know why the starter is not engaging nor the brake lights? Ford Cougar problems are likely to arise from the lack of maintenance, driving conditions or untoward incidents. However, problems can also arise suddenly despite conducive factors and when they do, it can leave you stranded, confused or having to spend excess money relying on the options provided by your dealer. To avoid such scenarios and be aware of the problem, its cause and possible solutions, Experts online can help.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions about the Ford Cougar.

How is the anti-theft alarm disabled on the 1999 Ford Cougar?

If the Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) is in theft mode, while the key is in the ignition and in run position, the theft light should be flashing rapidly. If this is happening it is possible that there is a failure of the theft system. It could also be a low battery voltage or two keys need to be reprogrammed to the car and this is done by a mobile locksmith.

Why is Ford Cougar not engaging the starter nor the brake lights turning on when the brake is pressed?

Case Details: The Cougar requires the brake to be pushed in order for it to start.

Most likely based on the description of the problem this is a failed brake light switch or the connection to it. Therefore, first start by ensuring the brake light fuse is not blown and this is the #6 fuse in the interior fuse panel. If this fuse is fine, the brake switch should be located mounted at the top of the brake pedal under the dashboard. Next, using a 12 volt test light or volt meter check for power in and out of the switch while the pedal is depressed. If power is present in but not on out, it indicates a failed switch. 

Why is Ford Cougar’s temperature gauge displaying ‘hot’ on driving while the coolant in the recovery tank is cold?

The problem here is likely that the thermostat on the Ford Cougar is sticking. This is because low heat is an indication of no flow either due to a stuck thermostat or the coolant level is low in the cooling system. To deal with this situation, the thermostat should be replaced and it would also help to bleed the system.

What could be causing the Ford Cougar’s air conditioner and compressor to stop working though Freon is full and fuses are fine?

Based on the description of the problem, the system is probably overcharged. The system usually has an over pressure/below pressure switch. If the system is overcharged, an increase in ambient temperature will increase the pressure high enough to turn off the system. This would be the reason why the system will not be able to handle more Freon. Therefore, it would be a good idea to get the pressure checked. Since it is illegal to drain Freon out of the system, the gauges can be hooked up to a recycling/refilling machine check the pressure.

Why is the 2000 Ford Mercury Cougar making a ‘thumping’ noise on acceleration, after running over a gopher?

This could be due to worn or broken motor/transmission mount. Since in this case, you ran over something any sign of damage in the undercarriage of the vehicle will be evident. To check this, a pry-bar can be used to lift the mounting areas to check if there is significant movement present. To do this, with the help of an assistant, place a foot on the brake, engage the vehicle in forward, reverse and power brake the engine (apply throttle while pressing the brake for a few seconds). On doing this you need to check for excessive movement from the powertrain and then inspect the mounting points.

How to troubleshoot an oil leak around the front of the engine on a 2000 Mercury Ford Cougar which occurs only on driving?

If the trans-axle outboard seal is leaking, oil will be sprayed over the front of the motor. If the front seal is leaking, the oil would be over the front of the motor and the at the back of the firewall. It could also be the front oil seal behind the harmonic balancer where the balancer needs to be removed to access the seal. To confirm which one is the source of the leak, buy a dye from a parts store and add it to the oil. Allow the car to run for a day and then use a bright LED light to determine the source of the leak.

What does error code P0402 on a 1999 Mercury Ford Cougar indicate?

This code usually arises due to a failed Differential Pressure Feedback EGR (DPFE) sensor. This should be replaced to overcome the problem and is a job which can be completed under half an hour.

Problems with the Ford Cougar may be few and far between, but when they arise, it is wise to understand or know more about it so that you can take the right repair steps or action. As seen above, this is possible with help from Experts online. They can provide second opinions, detailed answers and explanations to put you in a better position of making the right decision. If you have different or related questions on the Ford Cougar, contact verified Experts and get quick and affordable answers.

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