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Cortisone Treatment

Cortisone is a known steroid often used to reduce inflammation but may be used for other various issues. Skin conditions, arthritis, and breathing disorders are just a few of conditions treated with Cortisone. Knowing when to use Cortisone is sometimes cause for questions. To learn more about cortisone and how it works, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by Experts.

Do cortisone injections cause uterine bleeding?

People with bleeding disorders are usually not good candidates for cortisone injections. Some people may be overly sensitive to cortisone and may require a different form of medication. Many people may be unaware that they have a bleeding disorder and may require testing to determine the issue. If the cortisone injections are given to a person with uterine polyps, thyroid disease, unusual uterine bleeding, infection/inflammation of the urinary tract, cortisone injections typically increase the chance of bleeding issues. A doctor will usually perform several tests including blood work and a complete physical to rule out the possible causes for the bleeding. Once the tests come back the person may have to see a Gynecologist if the tests deem it necessary.

How does someone get prescribed a cortisone shot and how fast does it work?

In order to receive a cortisone injection, one must have a prescription. Cortisone may be administered in many ways but isn't sold over the counter. Basically if a person wants a cortisone injection, the person must request one from his/her doctor. Once a person receives an injection, the medication begins working fast. Many people notice an improvement within 2-3 days. In order to determine how fast cortisone works to alleviate pain will usually depend on the type of trauma involved. Some people find relief within a few days while others notice improvement after a few weeks. A person's doctor may be able to prescribe additional medication to assist with pain if necessary.

Does the cortisone shot cause weight gain?

A cortisone should usually doesn't cause weight gain. Many people may experience water weight following a cortisone injection. However, one injection generally doesn't cause weight gain. People who use cortisone long term may notice an increase in weight gain. While there may be a possibility of a person gaining a small amount of weight from one injection, the risk is small. Most cortisone injections are meant to work in a centralized area to provide comfort and reduce swelling.

How long does it take for someone heart rate to go back to normal after receiving a cortisone shot?

Generally a person's heart rate and blood pressure will go up when they experience pain. If the person's heart rate hasn't slowed down within several days of a cortisone injection, a visit to the doctor may be required. Many people notice that once the pain is manageable, the heart rate and blood pressure return to normal.

Will a cortisone shot help relieve pain caused by a torn meniscus?

The use of cortisone injections may help control the pain. However a person may need a stronger pain medication. A doctor will usually prescribe something such as Percocet. There are over the counter creams that may also be applied to ease pain.

Many times when a person has an injury a doctor may prescribe cortisone. While the injection may help with inflammation and some pain, many times an added pain reliever may be required. Many questions surface regarding cortisone causing people to gain weight. If a person has questions or concerns, the person should ask an Expert for medical insight.
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