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Toyota Corolla Problems

Are you having issues with your Toyota Camry starting? Do you need to know where to find the Hazard button for emergencies? Need troubleshooting tips for repair from an Expert? With all the different models, safety features and distinguished design, there have also been various issues concerning its functioning, accessories and maintenance.

Read below where Experts have answered questions relating to Toyota Corolla problems.

What could be the reason for the automatic Corolla to roll back on the hills?

In the newer Corolla, the automatic transmissions have less converter pressure to hold like the older cars. If there is a problem, the computer being sensitive to malfunctions, it would make the check engine light turn on and set a code in the system. The condition and level of the fluid needs to be checked to see if it is black or brown in color or if there is a burnt smell which would indicate a problem in the transmission. However, if the fluid looks fine and shifts normally, then it would be advisable to get a dealer to have the transmission inspected while it is within the warranty period. Roll back of vehicles on hills is quite common while driving with the foot off the brakes.

What could be the reason for the car not starting the first few times?

A single click noise when the key is turned is indicative of worn contacts inside the starter solenoid. This means that when the key is turned to start the car, an electromagnet is energized inside the starter solenoid drawing the metal device downwards which touches 2 sets of contacts at the bottom. The battery is hooked to one contact and the other to the windings of the starter motor. The metal device touches one contact when the single click is heard but the power to the windings in the starter motor is not flowing to enable it to start rotating. To fix this, the starter needs to be removed, disassembled and the contacts replaced. Professional help would be advisable. The other option would be to have the starter motor unit replaced.

How to get the Corolla into neutral for moving it when the battery is dead?

For releasing the shifter, the cover for the shift lock release button needs to be removed. This may be done by using a small flat blade screw driver to open up the small square cover located above the shift position indicator at the front left corner of the shifter area. After this is done, the brakes need to be applied and the release may be pushed down with a finger. While the release is held down, the transmission may be shifted into neutral.

How to turn on the hazard lights/blinkers on a 2008 Toyota Corolla?

The hazard switch is a button that needs to be pushed in to turn it on and pushed in again to turn it off. To locate this button, look for a red triangle button on the center of the dash board just above the heat/A/C control deck. In some models, it could also be found between the vents in the center of the dash board. The position of the hazard switch varies from model to model depending on the year of the car.

What could be the problem if the engine light turned on but did not flash and the battery lead was found with white corrosion material?

In most cases, when the engine light illuminates but does not flash, and there is no loss in performance, it is indicative of emissions failure. The reason for this could be a loose gas cap, a leak in the evaporative emission system or one of the switching valves working incorrectly. Based on the temperature zone, there could be issues of gaskets leaking causing lead condition code to set. Any parts store can read the computer to find the exact fault codes. To erase the codes remove the negative battery cable for a period of 5 minutes. If, however, the light turns on again, it would be best to have a professional take a look at the code number.

With its appealing design and innovative features, the Toyota Camry was a revolutionary car that always drew a crowd as it delivered a dynamic driving experience. However, with all its developments and technologies, models and variants, there were also troubling points such as high cost of materials and fixtures, cramped back seats in some models, awkward driving position etc. Therefore, various issues and queries regarding maintenance and repair of the different variants and models could arise and when questions arise, turning to an Expert for help may prove to be useful.
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