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Cordless Phone Problems and Troubleshooting

A cordless phone is a telephone without the cord. The cord is replaced with a radio link. The link allows the range to be limited to a short distance or within the same building. The handset communicates with the base station that is connected to a fixed telephone line. The telephone line is connected to the telephone network similar to a regular telephone. Cordless phones require electricity which powers the base station. Some of the cordless handsets have rechargeable batteries hence charge once they are placed in the cradle.

Listed below are some common questions answered by Experts on cordless phone problems.

Why does my cordless phone display a message to move closer to the base though I am standing close enough?

First thing you can try is unplugging the power to the base or removing the battery. Next remove the cord from the base. Allow it to remain without power or charge for a few minutes. After this period, insert the battery and turn on the power to the base. This action should help clear out any error message you are receiving.

How do I adjust the external ringer volume on my GE cordless phone?

Below are the steps to follow to adjust the ringer setting/volume:

  1. Press the menu or flash button until you notice the “SET RING LEVEL” message on the display. Usually the default setting for these units is at “HI”.
  2. Press 1, 2 or 3 on the base touchtone pad to enter your selection of ringer level. Another option would be to use the caller id (9 or :) button to scroll to your selection.
  3. Next, press menu/flash again to select and store. Once you do this, you will hear a confirmation tone.

Please note: if you turn the ringer off, the “RINGER OFF” message should display on your unit.

To reduce the ringer on the portable unit you can try the following steps:

  1. Turn the phone on either on the “TALK” or SPEAKERPHONE” mode.
  2. Press the caller id – volume (5 or 6) button. This is to adjust the incoming sound level.
  3. You can choose from five volume settings where “Volume 1” is the lowest volume and “Volume 5” is the highest volume.

Please note: the phone usually automatically resets from Volume 5 to Volume 4 once you disconnect a call.

What can I do to repair a cordless phone that got wet?

Due to the phone getting wet, most likely there could have been a short circuit. Remove the cordless phone battery and any other superficial parts and components which can be easily removed. Allow it to dry completely by either placing it over a towel or under the sun. You could try using a hair dryer on a low setting to dry the parts. Reassemble the parts together and try operating the phone. If there is no change, it could be a faulty circuitry and you probably need to replace the cordless phone.

What does the small inverted triangle icon flashing on my cordless phone signify?

The icon – a small inverted triangle which you are referring to indicates any of the following things:

  • The handset is far from the base
  • The AC adaptor is not connected
  • There is high electrical interference or disturbance
  • The handset has failed to register or is cancelled

In your situation the base is most likely fine, it could be an issue of the handset failing to register. Follow these steps to register

  1. Press the OK button
  2. Press the down button till you see the setting HS being displayed and press OK
  3. Press the down button until REGISTRATION message is displayed and press OK
  4. Next on the base unit, press and hold for five seconds the small button on the left side
  5. On the handset, press the up and down buttons to select the base unit number
  6. Wait until the BS PIN is displayed
  7. Enter the base PIN as default 0000.

Once you do this, a confirmation tone should be heard and the triangle symbol would stop flashing.

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