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Copyright Law Questions

What is copyright law?

What is Copyright law? Copyright is an officially authorized concept, performed by the majority governments, granting the creator of inventive work exclusive rights to it, generally for a restricted time. Normally, it is "the right to copy", but as well grants the copyright holder the right to be accredited for the labor, to decide who might get used to the work to additional forms, who might do the work, who might financially profit from it, and additional related rights. It is an intellectual property form similar to the patent, trademark or trade secret that is used to express an idea or information. Read below to find more copyright information and answers given by the Experts.

Does someone need a patent or a copyright to secure a slogan in print?

A slogan will not be covered by patent or copyright, just trademark, if it is used to characteristically recognize the source of goods and services in commerce.

What happens if someone breaks the copyright law?

The person would get a fine and would have to pay a fee, which is typically equal to the worth of the work. The person could also have to serve jail time, in worst-case scenario.

How does the copyright law protect a work under a pen name?

The individual could file their copyright under their pen name with the U.S. Copyright Office and get the similar security as the individual would if they record under their real name. If the individual wishes to record the copyright under a pen name, while the individual files their request with the copyright office the individual checks off the "pseudonym" box on the submission and put the pen name in the blank on the document. Someone could file his or her copyright online at

Is the name "Heritage" protected under copyright law, as in use for a hotel?

The "Heritage Inn" moniker or the "Heritage Hotel Group" are each copyrighted and confined. Therefore, if the individual uses the term "Heritage" and "Hotel" jointly there might be probable violation. It is a U.S. copyright. A similar name or chain of hotels was not found outside the United States.

If someone wants to design a logo for a company and use a hunchback character with the name IGOR. Does this pose a problem with original copyright law for the character?

Copyright law guard’s unique & artistic works that are fixed in a tangible intermediate, to infringe copyright law in this circumstance; the individual will have to "copying" somebody's picture of the hunchback. If the individual makes his or her own unique hunchback then there would not be an issue.

If someone just got a letter from copyright law group to pay one thousand for settlement of allegation of infringement what should they do if they did not download anything that their being accused of?

To mail a letter in respond to them, via certified mail, denying the accusations set forth in their letter to the individual. Asking for evidence backing up their accusation and failure to provide that evidence will be conclusive lack of evidence, and any further communication that is lacking support willing be considered harassment, legal action may be taken in the form of a restraining order or protective order.

Copyright law is a very complex topic; it can have many legal issues. People often times turn towards the Experts for insights or solutions. Such as: what happens if you break the copyright law, United States copyright law, and internet copyright law. Experts can help individuals get for and reliable answers.
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