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Copyright Protection Questions

What is Copyright Protection?

What is a Copyright Protection? Copyright Protection is something that has been written and is protected from someone else taking ownership. Having a copyright will grant ownership to the inventor of the writing. Copyright protection makes certain no one could steal someone’s ideas or design or they could be sued. If you have issues regarding the copyright protection laws, you can read below to find Experts answers that can answer your questions.

How long does copyright protection last?

For unique fictional, theatrical, harmonious or creative works made by the author whose individuality is recognized, copyright protection goes on for a life span of the author as well as seven decades from the ending of the year of the individual’s death. Where there are combined authors of the work, the seven decades run from the ending of the year in which the previous existing author passes away. "Published edition" copyright continues for twenty-five years.

What three factors qualify a work for copyright notice?

Some work is copyrightable if:
It is unique: the work is required to be independently made or, it should not include any real copying.
It has been expressed: the individual cannot copyright a design, idea, thought etc. These are required to be expressed somehow
Tangibly Fixed: There has to be a replica of the work that is able of being perceived (therefore a substantial or digital replica can be relevant here).

Is it illegal to use the copyright symbol without registering?

In many cases it is not illegal for an individual to use the copyright symbol without registering their work. Copyright is granted upon creation of the work. The only reason you have to register is to bring suit against someone. So if you want to sue somebody register your trademark. If not you may use the Mark freely on works you have created

Can someone’s company obtain copyright protection for converting publications into electronic (digitalized) form? As to material that is currently protected by copyright?

In many cases this may be untrue, the owner of the copyright keeps ownership of material converted to electronic form, and it is considered derivative use.

Can my company obtain copyright protection for converting publications into electronic (digitalized) form as to government publications?

Government publications are also not copyrightable, even in their derivative use form.

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