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Copyright Application Questions

What is a copyright application?

According to Title 17 of the United States Code a copyright application is a legal document that an author can use in order to register their own work for a copyright if that material is creative, an original and is set in a sold form. In order to register a copyright application within the United States Copyright Office by either online or mail, the individual will need to send in their application and deposit, or a copy of their work and pay a fee. Once the Copyright Office receives all the required documents, including the application, filing fee and the deposit, this is then recorded with the registration date. Once someone owns a copyrighted material or object, this can then stop other people from using this protected work without the original owners consent.

What are the application requirements to obtain a copyright?

The only legal requirement that someone would be looking at in order to obtain a copyright would be that the object, idea or material that they are interested in copyrighting is original. Anyone can copyright something. There are some tips that could be advised when beginning to copyright something. An individual can save money by use a “poor man’s copyright”. The poor man’s copyright is where someone writes, records or makes their own idea, material or object and then sends it to themselves through the mail. Once they have received this in their mail, which the idea is to keep the object unopened. Since it is still sealed, this can be used in the court of Law to show proof that the idea had come from this person.

How to file a copyright application online?

Below are the steps to follow for filing a copyright application online.
• First the individual will need to create an account by filling in the registration form
• The individual will need to read through all the tutorials before they proceed to opening the online application. They can also print these different tips and keep them available so they can prevent from making any errors.
• Next, they would need to complete the online copyright registration form, which is the form eCO.
• They can use their credit card to pay the filing fee. The copyright office only allows credit card payments with filing the eCO form.
• Final step would be to turn in the deposit copies of the work. The copyright owner will then register their copyright and send two copies to the copyright office within three months. This all comes from the United States copyright law.

What is the copyright application filing fee?

If an individual is filing online by using the eCO service the filing fee will be $35 for each application. Now if the individual is using the CO Form, then the filing fee will be $50 for each application. In many cases each type of work requires a separate application. Also, when someone files online using the eCO service, they can indeed pay by using their credit card, or if credit cards are not accepted, a person may register through the mail with a CO form.

How would someone copyright a song if they lyrics are original but the music is not?

The individual will need to complete and turn in a copyright application for the lyrics. Copyright is automatically protected when the work has been created, but not when the work has been registered or published. The copyright office does not allow a copyright; instead in this case the copyright office registers a claim for the copyright. A copyright registration is valuable the day the copyright office does in fact receive the completed copyright application.

When using a copyright application there are not as many requirements as what is thought. An individual simply uses their original work, and pays either a deposit or fee, and then before too long their original work will be copyrighted and protected from others. For more copyright application information contact the Experts.
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