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Nissan Coolant related Questions

Is the coolant running low on your Nissan? Need troubleshooting techniques for an overheating engine? To ensure that your Nissan vehicle operates effectively in all weather conditions, you need to use the right type and amount of Nissan coolant. Listed below are questions answered by Experts about the best Nissan coolant for your vehicle.

What could be preventing the cooling fan from coming on causing the engine in a 2002 Nissan Q45 to overheat?

To determine what is causing this, first check the coolant level and check for any leaks. To check the fluid level you need to start the engine and let it run at idle speed for a few minutes and then check the fluid level again. If the level is low, add fluid to the correct level. Make sure you don’t touch the fan while it is rotating and add just the right amount of fluid, so when fluid enters the reservoir tank, air will be taken in. Keep the engine running at idle speed till the fluid level stops decreasing. Stop the engine and remove the harness connector for the cooling fan control solenoid. As soon as the solenoid harness is disconnected the fan will operate at full speed. Start the engine again and let it run at idle speed until the fluid level stops decreasing and the air bubbles stop coming out. Then shut the engine back off and reconnect the harness connector for the cooling fan control solenoid.

After installing the cooling fan, make sure that there is no fluid leakage from the hose connection or from any other parts. Also, check the fluid level gauge on the reservoir tank cap. If there is too much or too little fluid you can adjust the amount of fluid. Ensure that the fluid level is within the cold or hot range on the level gauge.

How to bleed the coolant on a 2003 Nissan Sentra and how many coolant sensors does it have?

To bleed the coolant, first remove the radiator cap and install the cooling bucket. Pour the coolant till it fills half the bucket. Then, raise the front of the car so that if there are any bubbles in the coolant system the circulation brings it to the highest point. Turn the car on and turn the heat on high speed, recirculation mode on and face mode. Rev the engine a few times to move the coolant around and to get the air out. Once the car is heated sufficiently and there are few or no bubbles in the coolant bucket, the coolant system has been properly bled. There is only one coolant sensor, which is located on the thermostat housing for the upper radiator hose.

Is a sealer needed in the coolant system of a 2009 Nissan Murano which smells of coolant every time it is parked?

In most cases this happens when there is a casting defect in one of the cylinder heads. This causes the coolant to flow into the oil. You can add a sealer in the coolant system as all manufactures use some sort of sealer in the coolant system.

Following a regular cooling system maintenance schedule will ensure your engine functions effectively in all kinds of extreme temperatures. To learn how to check the antifreeze coolant level and inspect the coolant hoses and belts it is highly recommended to contact an Expert.
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