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Mercedes Coolant Questions

What is coolant?

Coolant is essentially a mixture of water and anti-freeze and its main role is to absorb the heat from the engine and transfer it to the air passing through the radiator. The transfer of this heat enables the engine to operate within its optimum temperature as well as prevents premature engine depreciation.

Usually when there are problems related to the Mercedes coolant, a light or message gets displayed on the car’s dashboard. However there can be times when other causes can illuminate warning lights such as low windshield fluid or engine malfunction. To know more about Mercedes Benz coolant problems, below are a few common questions answered by Experts.

How is the Mercedes coolant added when coolant level is low?

One should purchase coolant meant for the Mercedes referred to as Mercedes Copland. This should be mixed with water in another bottle in a 50:50 ratio. With the Mercedes turned off, the coolant reservoir cap can be opened and the coolant can be added as necessary. A line present at the side of the Mercedes coolant jug indicates the correct level. The Mercedes should be restarted and in case the coolant level drops, it can be filled to the coolant level line, replacing the cap after doing so. The coolant level can be checked the next day once the car is completely cool because the cap should never be opened while the engine is hot. Green coolant should not be used unless green coolant has originally been flushed. Mixing coolants can result in them gelling up together.

How can Mercedes coolant be successfully changed on the C320 (2001 model)? What type and how much Mercedes Benz coolant is required?

Mercedes coolant replacement first requires the removal of the radiator plug. Next the Mercedes coolant should be drained and refilled. In case the Mercedes coolant present is very old, it can be drained out and the cooling system should be filled with water. After this, the Mercedes should be driven around for a few miles, following which the Mercedes coolant can be drained again. This exercise can be carried out until the fluid is clean. Original Mercedes Benz coolant should be used. If this option is not affordable, Prestone Universal can be used as an alternative.

The Mercedes coolant is running over and the car will not start, could this result in engine damage?

In the event the Mercedes has been operated without the prescribed Mercedes coolant for a considerable period of time and the coolant starts coming out, there may be major engine damage. If the engine is not becoming hot while it has Mercedes coolant present in it, a lot of pressure may need to be put on the cooling system to find the problem area. Other symptoms of engine damage are if the engine fails to crank, as well as presence of Mercedes coolant in the oil. The oil would have a milky appearance if this were the case.

Why is the CD220 displaying a warning “Coolant, visit workshop” though no Mercedes coolant is leaking nor is the car overheating?

The Mercedes Benz coolant warning light is a warning also meant for the cooling fan. Hence it is possible the fault could be with the fan system. What could have occurred is that the wiring of the cooling fan could be damaged at the front left of the vehicle where the wiring goes behind the Mercedes steering wheel arch liner. If the Mercedes coolant level is fine, it would be wise to have the car checked for fault codes using a diagnostic tool to confirm the problem.

How can a Mercedes coolant leak from the S600’s rear side of the engine be fixed?

This may be a common Mercedes coolant problem where a fitting comes off from the back of the driver’s cylinder head where the heater hose is connected. In some cases, the hose may just leak however the fitting also has a tendency to leak from the back of the head. One bolt at the back of the fitting secures it to the head. This allen bolt should be removed and the fitting maneuvered out of the head. Next the O-ring should be replaced, clear silicone applied on it and reinserted into the back of the head. It would be a good idea to replace the hose as well as this point.

Coolant usage may be a small aspect on the Mercedes but is quite necessary to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently. There may be universal coolants available to use, you may want to know which specific Mercedes Benz coolant should be used for your car. Apart from this warning lights, leakage, and engine problems can be a result of Mercedes coolant system problems and a wrong diagnosis or delay in repair can be detrimental. Hence to understand Mercedes coolant problems and follow the correct steps required addressing these situations, verified Experts can help and guide you with insight and information at every step.
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