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Ford Wiper Problems

There are several kinds of wiper problems one may face in a Ford vehicle that could be caused by defective multifunction switches, bad wiper motors, a failed GEM module, a faulty ignition switch and so on. At this time, one may not know whom to approach for help. Here is where asking an Expert for guidance can go a long way. Below are frequently asked questions on issues relating to Ford wiper problems that have been answered by the Experts.

What can be done to remove the rear wiper arm from a Ford Edge?

To remove the wiper arm, unlock the wiper pivot arm nut cover first and then take off the nut to pull out the arm. In some cases, the arm may need to be wiggled a little to loosen it.

What could cause a Ford wiper to only work intermittently on a ‘99 Ford F-150?

This could be caused by a defective GEM module (Generic Electronic Module) that is attached to the fuse box. To fix the problem, replace the module and inspect the fuse box for a damaged or corroded fuse that may need to be replaced.

What could cause a Ford wiper to keep moving even after a stop command?

A faulty park switch placed inside the wiper motor can cause this to happen and will need a replacement. Alternatively, one may opt to fix this issue temporarily by disconnecting the wiper motor electrical connector.

Why would a Ford wiper delay fail to work even with a replaced multifunction switch on a steering column?

Most commonly, it could be due to a faulty park switch within the wiper motor or a defective wiper control module. Troubleshoot both these components to determine what is causing the problem. Contact an Expert for instructions on how to do this if needed.

What could be the possible reason for a Ford wiper and washer to stop functioning?

This could be from a faulty multifunction switch. However, it is highly recommended to troubleshoot the problem before any repairs are done. For necessary replacement instructions and test procedures, contact an Expert.

Why would a Ford wiper fail to work even though the motor switch is replaced?

Many times, a problem like this might occur due to a problem with the circuitry. However, in some situations, a bad multifunction switch, a faulty ignition switch or a defective windshield wiper motor could be the other possible reasons for this failure.

What is the reason that a Ford wiper motor works only on high speeds?

Typically, the GEM module makes the wipers run at a high or low speed by controlling the wiper relay. In this case, the most common cause of this problem could be a faulty multifunction switch. However, it could also happen from a bad relay, a failed wiper motor or a defective GEM module. To verify the exact cause, troubleshooting the problem is the best possible recourse.

How can one replace a Ford wiper motor?

Put on the wiper switch and switch the ignition on till the blades are straight up. After this, switch off the ignition to keep the blades in the same position. Unplug the wiper motor electrical connector and take off the right wiper arm and blade. After this, unplug the negative battery cable and take out the right pivot nut to let the linkage fall into the cowl. Take out the linkage access cover that is at the right side of the dash panel by the wiper motor. Through the cover opening, reach out and unsnap the wiper motor clip. Then shift the clip away from the linkage till it clears the nib on the crack pin. Thereafter, get the clip off the linkage. Take off the wiper linkage from the motor crank pin and finally, get the motor out by unscrewing the three screws that attach to it.

Sometimes, you may have queries that are not related to a specific problem but are mostly general in nature. How does one remove wiper arms after taking out the nuts or what is the estimated cost of installing a new windshield wiper controller could be some of those queries. Usually, when these questions arise, contacting an Expert can help.

If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Ford wiper problems, ask an Expert. They can evaluate your case details and offer insights, information and suggestions to tackle your problem in a timely and cost-effective manner.
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