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Cooker Hood Problems

A cooker hood is similar to a range hood and is essentially an overhead device with a mechanical fan above the cook top or stove in the kitchen which extracts exhaust smoke, odors, heat and steam from the air. The extraction of these elements happens through air evacuation and filtration. The cooker hood usually consists of the following four main components, a skirt, a capture panel (effluent plume) for the rising gases, grease filters and a blower for forced ventilation. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on cooker hood problems.

If a bulb on a Bosch cooker hood burnt out and was reinstalled, but now the far or light won’t come on, what could be the problem?

Most likely the individual could have shorted their control board. Ideally the fuse box should be off while changing these bulbs. This is because if the individual screws in the light bulb there is a 50% chance of an electric shock to occur which in turn can cause a short circuit in the control board. To fix this problem the control board may need to be replaced and this component is relatively more important however more expensive than other parts.

What could have happened when an individual heard a bang and smelt an odd odor from a Bosch cooker hood and now the fan and lights are not working?

The odor you smelt earlier could have either been an electrical fault in the wiring or the motor windings of the fan motor. To find out or pinpoint a fault of this nature you would need a meter. This requires basic troubleshooting skills, knowledge and understanding on how to use a meter. If you are comfortable to do so you could go ahead or you could enlist the services of an electrician to help you.

What are the positive, negative and earth connections on a Hoover cooker hood?

Usually a cooker hood would have four feed wires of the following colors: purple, white, blue and green. The connections are generally as follows: White is for negative, green is for earth, purple and blue are for live wires. A point to note is white is usually always for common and green is meant for grounding.

Where can an individual find the fuse on a cooker hood?

Typically the fuse is in a fused spur fitting which can be usually hidden close to the hood and mounted on the wall above the hood. It could also be concealed on the wall behind a drawer or inside a nearby cupboard. Check the drawers and cupboards which are at close proximity to the cooker hood to find the fused spurs.

Is it easy to repair a lamp holder on a Whirlpool without removing the cooker hood?

This is a common problem especially if the lights are left on for long periods of time such as over two hours and if the fan is also running causing slight vibration. Lamp holders are fairly easy to repair. It generally consists of two screws and two wires which need to be plugged into the lamp holder. The repair can be done at the location or without having to move the cooker hood from where it is installed.

Cooker hoods are a useful device to keep your kitchen free from unhygienic, unsightly smoke, odors and grease. Moreover they even add to the clean finish and look of your kitchen. They may not be something you give much thought to in your day to day activities. It comes into the forefront when it does not function properly. Minor problems such as changing a light bulb and major changes like venting restructure or electrical wire testing could be handled by you with proper information and instructions from experienced Experts. This will be a more reasonable and efficient way to handle your cooker hood installation or cooker hood problems.
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