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Convection Oven Problems

What is a convection oven?

A convection oven is one where heat is distributed by fans to force air movement. Convection ovens tend to operate at lower temperatures by circulating hot air over the food than regular conventional ovens and have the ability to cook food faster. The air circulation eliminates hot spots and provides a more even baking option. Listed below are a few common questions that have been answered by the Experts on convection oven problems.

Why is the convection oven on a GE profile stove not heating?

If you are using the bake option of the oven and it is working fine, it is similar to using the convection roast option. The main difference is you activate the bake button instead of the convection roast button to power the unit. Hence the problem could lie either with the heat failure of the convection element or the convection fan motor not running. To check, choose the convection roast cycle and allow it to remain on for about two minutes. Next try opening the door quickly to check if the fan is operating. Though the fan shuts down once you open the door, you can hear it for about 15 seconds while it slows down. If the fan is not working, the convection fan motor may need to be replaced. If the fan works fine but the oven is not heating, unplug the oven and remove the back panel within the oven. Next remove the round convection element close to the fan motor. Test the convection element for continuity using a multimeter. If there is no continuity replace it or you may need a new control relay board.

What could be the problem with a convection oven that does not heat, makes clicking noises even though the fan works?

The problem could be either of the two, a bad oven relay control board or a tripped high limit thermostat. The thermostat usually trips during the broiling or self cleaning function. To check either of these issues, turn off the circuit breaker of the oven or unplug it. Open the oven door to remove the screws going into the vent panel above the oven cavity and below the control panel. Remove the vent panel to look behind the door lock assembly. You will find a one inch round silver and black device with a tiny red button on it. Push this button and check if it clicks. If it does, you need to reset the high limit thermostat and the problem would be resolved. If there is no click, the relay control board may need replacement and may cost over $300. It is also quite difficult to access and may require a specialty burner tool.

What could be the problem if a convection oven comes on for only a couple seconds and then will not relight, also the stop button does not work and an error shows code 04?

There could to be two issues with the oven, first being the touchpad failure because of which the stop button does not work. To fix it a new one will need to be ordered and replaced. The other issue is the flame coming on but turning off after some time. This indicates the spark module is not registering the flame being lit. You need to ensure the flame is touching the spark tip once it ignites. Try swapping the bake igniter with the broil igniter to check if the bake issue is resolved. If it works, replace the igniter which you moved to the broil function. If this does not work, the spark module also referred to as the DSI board may need to be replaced.

After replacing the light bulbs of a Dacor convection oven why is it displaying an error F1 and beeping when turned on?

This type of an error occurs mainly due to power supply remaining on while replacing the bulbs. It was probably not shut off properly causing a short circuit with the main relay control board. There could be a possibility of the display board short circuiting as well. To fix the F1 error you may need to replace the relay control board at the top of the oven. Based on the model of the oven, the cost of this component could range from $250 to $350.

Ovens are one of the most important appliances in a modern kitchen. They are versatile and convenient. You can make a variety of foods in an oven whether it is savory or sweet. Convection oven problems usually occur because of control panels, heating failure and error codes. These issues are practically easy to decipher and convection oven repair can be attempted by you if you are handy and inclined to do so. This is where the information and solutions from Experts can be important to figure out your unique problem and solution for your convection oven.

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