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Spa Control Panel related Questions

A spa control panel is a window of information to the spa or hot tub it is installed in. Usually these systems are the brain of the unit and regulate its functioning. Spa control panel problems can be varied. Sometimes they may not turn on at all or come on very briefly.

To get more information about other spa control panel problems, below are common questions answered by Experts.

What could cause the temperature display and dial and the ready light to not work on a 20 year old Blue Ridge spa?

Due to the age of the spa, the control system the spa control panel or wiring could be malfunctioning. Based on the age of this spa and dial this is an air button type of control. Hence it is better to opt for a spa control panel replacement. This consists of topside controls, heater and lights and replaces the existing spa control panel of the Blue Ridge spa. One of the recommended companies would be Balboa, as the cost is relatively more economical. To get the correct model, it should be ascertained whether the spa runs on 110 or 220 volts, how many pumps operate on it and whether the blower has 1 or 2 speeds. In case the problem persists after the replacement, the wires could be frayed and problematic.

Could a flashing symbol similar to a filter on the control panel on a Sundance pool signify something else as the filter was changed and didn’t change the code?

This symbol is of a filter and usually is displayed when the filter is dirty or if something is preventing the flow of water to the pumps. Since the filter was recently replaced, it is better to turn off the breaker for ten minutes to help clear out the codes on the spa control system and reset it.

Could a faulty control panel on an older Tiger River spa cause the green lights to flash even though the temperature sensors were replaced?

There are chances of a bent wire connection. Hence first thing would be to turn off the breakers and unplug the sensors individually. The connections should be inspected to ensure they are straight and sitting in place tightly. The breaker can be turned on again allowing the spa control system to reboot. If this does not help and since the sensors are brand new with no signs of defect, the problem could be a faulty circuit board. This is normally why the board is unable to recognize the sensors. This can cause the lights to flash continuously. Another option which can be tried is disconnecting or unplugging the topside control from the board while the power is off. Once power is turned on, it can be re-plugged and rebooted.

Why is the hot tub spa control panel displaying “Flo” and not allowing any function for a couple of minutes before it works correctly?

On Balboa systems especially the older models, the pressure switch which senses the water flow for the circuit board could be facing issues. If the spa control panel is opened the stainless steel tube which houses the heating element will be visible. On this tube, the pressure switch is threaded and usually has two wires red and black connected to it, wrapped in a gray insulator. The pressure switch has 1/8th threads and is around an inch in diameter. This device senses the water flow. The pressure switch is functioning fine as long as the pump is pumping water and the filters are clean. If these two aspects are normal but the pressure switch is requiring to be jolted into turning on, it may be a case where the switch is old and malfunctioning. Hence the pressure switch can be replaced to try and address this problem.

Spa control panels are literally the window into the mechanics of a spa. It is this part which tells what is happening with the system, how to operate it and when there is a problem. Sometimes a defective spa control itself can be the problem leading to related issues. In most cases they could have short circuited or failed. Repairing or replacing spa control panels should be done with the proper instructions and information. This is where asking the Expert’s to guide one through this process in an effective, simple and reasonable manner.
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